Noah Lyles Christian Coleman
Noah Lyles Christian Coleman

World 200m champion Noah Lyles feels hurt that Christian Coleman’s possible absence is likely to cost Team USA at the next year’s Tokyo Olympic Games.

Lyles said Coleman’s violations could prevent them from breaking the world 4x100m record at the Olympic Games.

“It hurts because we want to go to Tokyo and aim for the world record,” he was quoted by BBC saying.

Jamaica has the three fastest men’s 4x100m times. Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt ran 36.84 to win the London 2012 Olympic Games.

In Daegu 2011, the same Jamaican quartet ran 37.04, then a world record. Also, in Beijing 2008, the team of carter, Frater, Bolt and Asafa Powell set Jamaica’s first world record in the event of 37.10.

USA’s quartet of Coleman, Justin Gatlin, Michael Rodgers and Lyles, ran a national record of 37.10 to win in Doha 2019.

Coleman is provisionally suspended for missing three doping tests in a year.

Lyles said Coleman should take “more responsibility”.

“You are just hoping for a little more responsibility,” said Lyles.

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Anthony Foster is a renowned Jamaican sports journalist, honored twice as the Jamaica sports journalist of the year (in 2004 and 2005). His journalistic achievements are globally recognized. Notably, he authored an award-winning article on Usain Bolt, the iconic 6-time Olympic champion, 11-time World champion, and record holder for the sprint double. This significant piece was published in the Jamaica Gleaner in 2004. Anthony's extensive coverage includes prestigious events such as the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, London 2012, and Rio 2016. He has also provided coverage for seven (7) World Athletics Championships held between 2007 and 2022, alongside various other international sporting events. Noteworthy mentions comprise his coverage of the 2007 World Cup of cricket and his cherished experience reporting on the 2004 clash between his favorite football team, Argentina, and the USA.


  1. Jamaicans you guys cane did your thing with class and dignity
    There will never be another Usain Bolt he dominated the fields during his time and moved on the world will never forget him
    So move on USA , it’s another season, for fresh athletes, the door is open for whosoever will be it Jamaica Africa London Trinidad or USA

  2. With all of this Jamaican hate. Let’s point out something. People say it’s impossible to break any record bolt broke. A relay is 4 people not one. It can be broken with the right team and good handoffs. Two people keep referring to drugs. Every major Jamaican star minus the questionable Bolt has been hit with a warning or ban. Failed test is a failed test. Bolt broke the world record in a season and case back to do it again then never got back there. Sorry to break it to y’all. Better drug testing and mandatory blood test made him human again.

  3. It’s time for Africa Kenya 🇰🇪 to break the record Eliud kipchoge and his team will stop doing marathon and go for this sprint record 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • The USA can win it and get close to the record w the right running order and good exchanges. Lead..Bromel, 2nd-Gatlin, 3rd-Coleman, Anchor- Lyles. We need a good 1st leg and lane 4,5 or 6.

  4. Why worrying about Record, just go out there and compete!! When the big man (usain bolt) breaks the record three times they wasn’t worrying about breaking any record they just wanna win!!

      • Jamaican are so jealous of us..Yall come over here and go to school & compete for your own country..You all were even jealous Sanya ran for the U.S. We love Usain, Shelly Ann. Veronica etc, but you all are still so envious of us.

        • Oh plz! Jealous of what ,blame that on your American coaches who attend our major track events scouting our students at the Elementary level . We didnt call them ,they come to us ! N fyi we love Sanya!

    • Exactly! Because we know Americans are known for doping. Reasons why Coleman is on suspension. He rather do that then get banned completely for it. The great Justin Gatlin was banned about 10 to 12 years ago too for the same thing, While no one on the Jamaican team was actually banned. And trust me they were tested hard.

  5. I don’t understand why he wants to team up with an athlete who disrespects the anti doping system!
    And who cares about records set by dopers (Carter, Powell, Gatlin, Rogers)?! 💊💉😔

  6. They had Coleman on a fast track at the world champs last year and they did not break it then…. what’s his point?

    • Kadian Jones yeah, but they didn’t have a healthy Travon Brommel. You get Brommel, Coleman and Lyles on the same team and watch out Jamaica.

    • also as young track athletes they havent reach their peak yet especially NOAH AND MICHAEL NORMAN AND BROMELL EAXH COULD LOWER THERE PBS IN THE 100M BY .10 THEN THE WORLD RECORS BE GOOOOOOONE !!!

      • Omar Brown jealous talking, even South Africa with Wayde van Niekerk, Akani Simbine, Clarence Munyai and Thando Dlodlo.

        • Vusumzi Bolt Ziki MGiqwa both noah and norman are at 9.8 at 22 yrs old. bromells Achilles injury is healing his a potential 9.6 guy still young. garlic can run superb at timea at keat 9.9 and Coleman is 9.6 when in top form also track experts also know that its also how u get the baton around that’s most important

      • Right! It’s the facts! And the best team USA has for the most in the past years and even now are part of the doping conspiracy smh.

    • there was a time before bolt for us old track Fans when France had the record at 37.40 !!! not is a or Jamaica ..FRANCE…!!!! AO ITS ABOUT GETTING THAT STICK AROUND THEN TOP SPEED

    • Forget speed, its about getting the stick around…if you are quick enough, boom…the record comes…remember Jeta and that last leg a couple years ago, 2012 olympics. The other runners were Bartholetta, Felix, and Bianca Knight in that order…none of them were/are 100m specialist.

    • Wow! Track and field/ athletics however you call it, this is there profession. Super athletes competing against super athletes! Somebody will win. Let the records show…
      I dont know why Coleman has been targeted, but he has been tested NEGATIVE. For some reason the Coe, the head of the Olympic committee, was offended by his attitude in missing the test, and began targeting Coleman. Coe is bias, and now got us bruddas bad mouthing each other! I SEE the play. As long as you are dancing to their tune you will be considered a good one. Stand for what you believe in Coleman…

  7. Noah should just worry about winning the 4×100. The current Jamaican 4×100 Men’s team is so bad, the USA could walk around the track and win.

  8. Worry about getting the baton around the track into the next runner’s hands without fumbling or outside of the exchange zone which historically they are not good at. Try doing that first, then worry about seeing if you can break records which you won’t anyway. #carryon

  9. I really don’t believe they (US) could shatter the record but Jamaicans be easy. We may not even have a team in that finals if a cleared Coleman and Lyles were to attempt the almost impossible feat. Our 100m men talents are not being brought to the fore properly and in good time. The passion that the record holders had does not exist currently. #unpopularopinion

  10. I hope the rest of the world is watching this Coleman cases.I feel he will be given a slap on the wrist. Most American do Gay Gatlin to name a few.The USA can break it with drug up Gatlin Gatlin Bromell and Lyles

  11. Even with Coleman there is no guarantee that team USA will break the record. And winning the race is not guaranteed to them. He Coleman should have weighed the consequence of his actions.

  12. Smh… badmind is active!! Unnu just start out inna track and field and unnu trash talking already? Unnu drugged up urine a bun grass already but unnu soon come back to 🌎

    • Wayne G Beckford USA never like the fact that they don’t own anything. Never have i heard any of Jamaica’s athlete said oh I need to break the record or focus on it other than running to win…and you know ehat happens when we just decide to just run our own race? We break a record!! American athletes are always about oh we will bring back the record to the 🇺🇸 etc…so yes I believe they are badmind!! If American athletes would just chill and focus on themselves they would be more appreciated!!

    • Wayne G Beckford I dunno… i like the athlete Noah Lyles is. I believe he’s the key to their team and with Trayvon Brommell coming back they will be formidable…but still unsure about them breaking the record..but let’s see..i don’t mind being surprised!!

    • Wayne G Beckford I’m not a fan of Christian Coleman tbh… he too high on himself and lack respect to legends such as Michael Johnson. His behavior to date is a big put off and if he continues on this same path he’ll crash out early in his career in terms of performance. Look at his behavior about his whereabouts violations? He playing victim after two incidents, one of which he got a light tap on the shoulder. He tripping!!

    • Wayne Grant . I like Lyles too but I don’t think he has a very good understanding of how good both Jamaica and the US guys were during the world record era. The US saw it’s fastest and bsst athletes that ever graced the tracks likewise Jamaica and the world during that period despite the fact that so many Americans want to downplay it and always throwing past athletes into it. Lyles may have to run 85 meters on his leg to break it

    • Wayne G Beckford agreed..and that’s why in my initial statement I said they just starting out in track and field and behaving like they have arrived. I agree with you on Noah…he has the goods but has so much to learn. Youthful exuberance at best… As you correctly stated…they need to learn about the history of sprint rivalry between USA and Jamaica!!

    • Wayne Grant . I was a big fan of Coleman since he was really young because someone I grew up with knew him and family since he was a little kid and told me about him. I got turned off when his father showed no appreciation for bolt and claimed that his son smoked Bolt in 2017 the slowest final Bolt ever raced in. It even took a photo finish to determine whi got 2nd and 3rd between them. Seems low to me that he can’t show respect and appreciation to the grwat man.

    • Wayne G Beckford it is reason like this why i can’t appreciate most American athletes. I absolutely love Allison Felix…my favorite American athlete of all time. Never heard her trash talk…well at least not in public. But I admire her very much!!


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