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TrackAlerts.com came out of a passionate desire to inform and educate, through script and images, on Track & Field happenings, the world over, especially those that excite the maximum interest among our proven core interest group.

Our aim, from the conception, is to attract and sustain contributions from respected journalists, photographers and others, even amateur contributors, who wish to express their thoughts, give their analyses and capture the sport of Track & Field and the athletes that make athletics interesting.

From time to time, we will introduce new players in this market and feel confident that their stories, photographs will bring added interest to the particular sport and assist in its marketing and exposure.

Through our frequent and on-going interviews, we will elicit insightful and relevant comment from the sports, sponsors, administrators, officials, participants, and fans, as, it is our view, that all should have their say.

We applaud all those who from time immemorial have made the effort, paying the sacrifice, to ’stoke the fires’ and bring the image of and respect for the various sporting disciplines, to a level where we all can be justly proud of and comfortable with our interest, and we pledge to take all that passion to “a higher plane”, adding prestige, beauty, and more respect to the particular sport.

We are also determine, not only to provide the news to our readers, but provide quality images from various track & field events, locally, regionally, and internationally, especially for our loving Caribbean community.

A hearty welcome to TrackAlerts.com, enjoy the best in stories and images. Your feedback, as we carry out our self-imposed mandate will always be welcome, and will be published, once it is appropriate.

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