Calabar High dominated the boys’ relays here at the Digicel Grand Prix Finale on Saturday (10 March) inside the National Stadium in Kingston.

The Digicel Grand Prix, which will award winning teams (boys and girls) with $1 million each for development of their school’s training facilities, saw Calabar topping the medley and mile relays.

Shamar Chambers, Christopher Taylor, Anthony Carpenter and Malik James-King, in that order, combined for a new 4x400m meet record of 3:06.37.

St. Jago finished some distance back in 3:12.76 and Edwin Allen, third, in 3:15.40.

Digicel will pay $25,000 for each championship record and $50,000 for each national junior record.

In the sprint medley final, Calabar crossed the line in 3:25.72 ahead of Jamaica College (JC), 3:25.95 and St. Jago, 3:27.75

On the female side, Hydel team was the most impressive with 3:34.28. Holmwood picked up second in 3:37.01 while Edwin Allen ended third in 3:42.78.

Edwin Allen, however, topped the sprint medley final in 3:54.95, a new championship record.

Holmwood, this time, finished second in 3:56.68 while Hydel crossed the line in third, 4:04.36.


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