Kevona Davis taking up scholarship at University of Texas

Jamaica’s rising track and field star Kevona Davis has signed with the University of Texas.

Davis, who is wrapping up six form studies at Edwin Allen, accepted the scholarship offer earlier this week.

“A world-class addition to the Texas Family,” was how Texas Longhorne described the development.

“I feel great in signing for the University of Texas as I had done my research in the past, and this was the school of my choice,” Davis was quoted by The Gleaner saying.

Davis stamped her class on Champs. She won Class 2 100m titles with 11.16s (a record) and 11.18s in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

The 18-year-old also ran a personal best 22.72 to win the Class 2 girls’ 200m in 2018.

“This is a dream come true for me,” she said while adding “despite what people were thinking, I really had my mind set on continuing my academics and was not thinking about going professional.”

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  1. Excellent decision , you can tell Kevona will be going places , she is academically sound and she is a track star . Congratulations

  2. Her mom lives in the US so I don’t think getting into college was a problems. She should have a green card

  3. Tashika Annika how you know she don’t already have a green card but just continue to attend school in Jamaica. if you look through her Instagram you will see that as soon as school is out she’s in the US . lots of people let their kids finish high school in Jamaica.

  4. Hope it works out.. Being far away form family… Foreign policies and culture….. When they get these scholarships for the students agents should ensure that the parents have at least a visa… Or the parents should be allowed to go with them until they have adjusted.

  5. Best wishes young lady. Stay focused on your academic pursuits and also continued growth and success in your athletic career.

  6. not a bad choice young lady, stay healthy, these will be the best years of your life, campus life helluva experience, and you will get some good coaching.

  7. Educational wise it may be good.but for her track and field international career will be the back burner.the institution come first.more over since. Jamaican club started. MVP in 1999. Most successful jamaican athletes base and coach home wish her all the best.

  8. Looks like a very good landing spot. Good facilities. Good medical and fitness staff. Good head coach. Good sprint partners to train with. Good Jamaican support system. And, as another commenter intimated, good weather. Sky’s the limit if she can stay healthy.

  9. @Tyrone Yen I would not take the question as questioning her choice. She made it, that is over. The question as asking for your opinion not for change just sharing your knowledge on the topic. Isn’t that what pundit means?

  10. No she leave money on the table she could have gone pro and go to college and get her college fee paid for by her sponsor. She could have the best of both worlds. Now she’s giving her labor for free and risk Injure and end up with nothing. What people don’t know you can loose your scholarship if you get injured and not able to compete.Also she’s injury prone . So how she’s going to handle running from January-May indoor and outdoor plus training.? Had she gone pro she wouldn’ t have that load running every weekend. Look on Tamara Davis and Brianna Williams they went pro. They’re not going to have that college load to carry they can just focus on training and college if they choose to go to college. The US athletes are running from the NCAA .basketball players go to Europe for a year to skip US college


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