Briana Williams, the Jamaica National Championships
Briana Williams, the Jamaica National Championships

Briana Williams lowered her personal best at today’s Clemson Orange and Purple Elite Indoor meeting.

Williams, however, had to settle for second behind held Florida State’s Jayla Kirkland at Clemson University in South Carolina.

Williams’ time, 7.25secs bettered her first-round run of 7.27secs, but slower than Kirkland’s 7.17.

Gabriele Cunningham, running unattached, finished third in 7.27 seconds.

Florida State’s freshman Taylor Banks won the men’s 60m dash in 6.67s, just edging out Matthew Boling of Georgia, 6.68s.

Jeanine Williams, the other Jamaican at the meet, won her event, the women’s 60m hurdles in 8.07. She defeated Tia Jones, whop ran 8.15 and Imani Carothers of Georgia, 8.25.

Florida State’s Trey Cunningham won the men’s event in 7.61 ahead of Caleb Parker, his teammate, 7.64s.

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  1. Ok, let’s not get bent out of shape. The English language has its nuisances like anything. She was second and lowered her PB, She is a winner by 1000000 miles. Let’s not beat up the writer either, we are partisan, due to our love of Princess BW. She is our winner and we can’t wait to see her in the full season. She is in great hands with Oto Sir Bolton. Back to training now…..March before we see her again. all measured running for Trials…

  2. @Brent when Bolt lost, we should say he came third and not that he lost the race? You can’t make this shit up. Incredible! Control yuh emotions.

  3. @Julia Haskins-Anderson It is also true that she came 2nd, but the headline didn’t say that. There are thousands of true things that can be said about any given person; using true negative words instead of true positive words is usually a bad choice, unless the intent is to degrade the person or what they did.

  4. @Brent Robinson it is the correct word to use, you either win or lose! Age has nothing to do with track only your time. 2nd place isn’t a bad place to be in.

  5. It’s wrong to use the word “loses” to describe this accomplishment. She’s a 17 year old high school girl who placed 2nd to a college sprinter. While “lose” might be technically correct for 2nd place, it’s not a good word choice in this context.


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