Asafa Powell to run at Meeting de Paris
Asafa Powell to run at Meeting de Paris

Demek Kemp is facing huge public criticism for a comment he made against Jamaica Asafa Powell.

Kemp beat former two-time 100m world record holder Powell to win the 60 metres race at the Boston Indoor Grand Prix on Saturday (Jan 25). Powell ran 6.71 for 5th while Kemp won in 6.50.

However, in Kemp post-race interview, the question of what it was like to compete against the track and field icon Powell. He replied, saying “He’s an old guy.”

Age is just a number

Powell, in his post-race interview with, said: “age is just a number” and that he will continue to compete because the fans want to see him.

“I am still feeling very strong, still feeling as fast as I did years ago,” Powell said.

Powell has no immediate plans for retirement because according to him, the “entire Jamaica is motivating me, and with that kind of support, it’s hard to give up.”

Powell also won a gold medal in the 4x100m relay at the Rio Olympics and competed in three Summer Games.

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  1. Let’s be honest at this stage Asafa is running for money. He is a spent force and no amount of bravado talk is going to change it
    Not hating just facts

  2. Not disrespecting him just hate to see everybody beating him like this he is now a spectator in a race and if you love him you need to let him know that his time is up and he should gracefully call it a day. Not sure I was meant to preface my comment with a Jamaican flag I might not live in Jamaica but, don’t be fooled I always cheer for my home country and always very proud.

  3. @Gloria Smith Just to quantify , my comment was more aimed at his competitor , the victor in this case, whom given that he was racing against and indeed triumphing over a former outdoor world record holder , you would have thought he would have been a little more gracious in his victory
    Whilst I agree that nobody wants to see someone of his service to the sport suffer defeats continually , Powell has a goal in mind and therefore will probably continue until this goal is achieved or no longer achievable ……
    I wish him well without any “ smack talk “ especially when that person has yet to match his performances ……
    Home and abroad born on the rock or elsewhere will always support the team .

  4. Let’s be honest at this stage Asafa is running for money. He is a spent force and no amount of bravado talk is going to change it
    Not hating just facts

  5. No matter where you are from or your allegiances ,
    Whether he is of an age or not does not give anyone the right to disrespect in that manner .
    Especially the “old guy ” one has achieved and left behind more than the “ young man “ has to this point achieved ……..

  6. Man say him still feeling fast….bro feeling something and doing it is two different things. Reality says otherwise.

  7. There are a few athletes that run there best when they are angry, I think Asafa is one of them if you remember 04 before Olympics Maurice green was running his mouth and Asafa discipline him 2 times before the Olympics and in 2009 and 2011 when oral Tracey ran off his mouth and Asafa shut it up. I think the worst thing you can do is give a man motivation when he is down.

  8. I love asafa but you need to know when to quit why cant you try coaching try mentoring some of the young athletes pass on your knowledge to some of them

  9. It’s funny how many people are quick to say Asafa should call it a day . Why ? Because of his age or his performance? He’s beating guy way younger than him . Who should replace him on the Jamaican team that is good enough .
    This is a problem with us Jamaicans…..crab inna barrel mentality. Bless him and wish him well until he thinks it’s time or watch and be quiet .

  10. Asafa is not only great, but has ran against the greatest runners in our life! Some of y’all haters haven’t even flown on a plane or met an athlete! Until you can say who’ve u ran against and what medal or Olympics you’ve competed in, in the meantime shut the hell up! Everybody in the USA, Jamaica and the world knows him and not YOU!

  11. I don’t think there’s something actually funny??
    If he’s done nothing at all before, he’s held the world 100m record more than once and people who have virtually achieved *NOTHING* are making fun of him

  12. Go Asafa run take a leaf out of Shelly book but please when you run don’t easy up at the line if you’re in 4th are 5th position that’s what you need to understand if you want to be a true Champion…I support you %100????

  13. It is all in the mind, Asafa. I understand that you are motivated and all, but the reality is kicking in that you are not in your prime anymore. All the best, anyhow.


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