Shiann Salmon wins at NACAC Champs
Shiann Salmon at World U20 Championships 2018

Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games 400m hurdles bronze medallist Tonja Buford Bailey is now coaching Shiann Salmon.

Salmon, a silver medal winner at the 2018 World U20 Championships, moved to Texas recently to join Buford Bailey’s group.

“She is being coached by the coach she wanted to be coached by which is Tonja Buford Bailey,” disclosed Cubie Seegobin, who is taking up management of the athlete.

He added, during the CVM TV interview: “She asked me to manage her in 2020. She wants to turn pro.”

Seegobin said Salmon is at a junior college in Texas.

Salmon spent one year at GC Foster College under the guidance of Maurice Wilson. She made the Jamaica team to the Doha 2019 World Athletics Championships where she was a semi-finalist. She improved from 55.63 to 55.16.

“Her commitment was only a year at GC Foster. Shiann always wanted to go to school in America. She wants to study business.

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