Britany Anderson wins silver at Wold U20 Championships
Brittany Anderson wins silver at Wold U20 Championships

Surprise breaker of World U20 record at 100m hurdles Britany Anderson from Jamaica confirmed for World Athletics she plans to run at the World U20 Championships next year in Nairobi.

“I am planning on competing in Nairobi next year,” she says.

“I’d also like to compete at the World Indoor Championships, but I don’t know for definite if I’ll be there.”

Anderson set a new world U20 record in the women’s 100m hurdles at July’s 24 (2019) Motonet Joensuu Grand Prix in Finland.

First, the 18-year-old clocked 12.79 in the heats to beat the previous best of 12.84 set by Cuban Aliuska Lopez in 1987. Then, Anderson went considerably faster in the final, winning the race in 12.71 (+1.3m/s), 0.01 ahead of Annimari Korte whose 12.72 was a new Finnish record.

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