Christine Mboma

Trayvon Bromell ran the fastest 100m of the year while Christine Mboma won the women’s 200m at Saturday’s (18 Sept) Kip Keino Classic in Nairobi, Kenya.

At the meeting, which brought the WACT gold series to a close, Trayvon Bromell took a hundredth from his world lead with a personal best 9.76 (+1.2m/s wind) to move to equal sixth on the all-time list.

Ferdinand Omanyala, who started the season with a PB of 10.32, moved up to eighth on the all-time world list with an African record of 9.77. The third-place finisher was Justin Gatlin with 10.03. 

Fred Kerley took three hundredths from his PB with 19.76 (+2.0m/s) in the 200m. Isaac Makwala was second with a season’s best of 20.06 and Filippo Tortu third in 20.11 PB.

Christine Mboma had her fourth consecutive win of the season, taking the 200m with 22.39. Marie-Jose Ta Lou was second with 22.98. Watch Mboma last 200m race of 2021 at this link. Jamaican Shashalee Forbes, 23.90 finished fourth

Olympic champion Soufiane El Bakkali took the 3000m steeplechase clearly in 8:21.20 as Diamond League champion Benjamin Kigen was just sixth in 8:40.26. 

World champion Pawel Fajdek triumphed in the hammer with 78.33m over Olympic champion and compatriot Wojciech Nowicki (77.99m). Olympic champion Faith Kipyegon took it easy to cross the line first in the 1500m in 4:02.40 with Hirut Meshesha second on 4:03.01. 

World Junior bronze medallist Noah Kibet caused a shock in the 800m with a clear 1:44.97 win as Olympic silver winner Ferguson Cheruiyot Rotich was only fourth 1:45.97. 

Vincent Keter won the 1500m with 3:35.99 and Jacob Krop the 5000m in 13:23.50. Mary Moraa (2:00.11) beat Halimah Nakaayi (2:00.63) in the 800m and Margaret Kipkemboi won the 5000m in 14:55.27. 

Katrine Koch Jacobsen set a Danish record of 71.09m to win the hammer, surprising Alexandra Tavernier, second with 69.62m. Celliphine Chespol gained victory in the 3000m steeplechase with 9:30.55 from Fancy Cherono (9:32.50). 

Rutger Koppelaar won pole vault 5.65m, Aliaksey Katkavets 82.65m javelin and Milica Gardasevic long jump 6.68m (+2.2m/s).


  1. We have to take into consideration that Bromell ran 9.7 at high altitude, 1,790+ meters above sea level to be exact, which translates to 9.9 or 10flat at sea level.

  2. Chris Gambaro-Vega ummm where is your Olympian?😲 and your still ignorant….Jackson is a always third place maybe if u watch sports u would know…..Thompson, Pryce and Jackson 123 thats how it always is…she is not the best but she brings back the medals I mean america could never so they have to jump on the Namibia side😅🤣 lmao

  3. Mira Juáua blah blah blah blah…..
    You still can’t spell and your Olympian got crushed by a rookie. Those are the CURRENT facts.

    • Chris Gambaro-Vega Sharika got 3 silver medals yes…..Mboma also has 3 HE was dusted by Elaine MANY TIMES AND STILL HAVE NOT MANAGE TO BEAT HER….
      Fastest men and Fastest WOMEN ON PLANET Google them..
      Mboma doesn’t need to be me ? Of course not I mean he don’t wanna be a female just wanna run with them
      Water_ wata
      Car_ kar
      Me- mhi
      U wanna act smart awww I write how I speak oh wait let me say dat again
      Mi rite ow mi chat
      Now u run along 🤡 your not needed anymore u are dismissed

        • Mira Juáua I know Sharika lost 3 times. So YOU are the ignorant one. Y’all can’t even lose gracefully.
          Mboma doesn’t need to be you. She’s herself.
          By the way, go back to school and learn how to spell LOSING. It has one O. Loosing is what you’re doing to your brain right now.
          Now run along little girl. You’re done here.

          • Chris Gambaro-Vega by the looks of it u the only one who is salty buzzing around comment sections we are labeled as the Sprinting Captial we don’t have one runner ok we bag 3 gold from one person in a day I mean how many can do that🤣 not America and not Namibia…. men running with women is celebrated just like men having husbands

  4. I can’t take track seriously. How does a man go from running 10:32 at the beginning of the season to running 9.77 at the end of the season? That doesn’t sound like natural progression.

    • Rayon Lennon ok coz hes not jamaican he cannot achieve this its not that you dont take track seriously you are naive, before for a female to run below 10.7 meant you must have been on drugs but now that jamaicans especially are running 10.6 and below does that means they could be on drugs as well

    • Rayon Lennon this man was running 9.80 early in the season had a bad month and worked his way back, and if you really know his story you would know about is injury history.


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