Sachin Dennis to run for Bahrain
Sachin Dennis to run for Bahrain?

Sachin Dennis’ participation at Champs 2020 is in doubt. Dennis is a student at St Elizabeth Technical High School.

Keith Wellington, the school’s principal and mentor for Dennis, said the athlete “is not healthy.”

“There is a high possibility that he might not compete at Champs next year because of illness, not injury,” Wellington, was quoted by the Jamaica Observer.

Dennis missed Champs 2019.

Recently Dennis’ mother said her son was being pressured to switch allegiance to Bahrain.  

Dennis, despite being one of Jamaica’s top junior sprinters, in recent years, is yet to make himself available to represent Jamaica.

“As far as I know, and as I said I know a little bit, his intention is to represent Jamaica as soon as he is able to do so physically, and of course, if his performance merits selection to a national team,” said Wellington, who is also president of ISSA.

But as for now, Wellington added: “We are doing whatever we can within our power from medical and other perspectives.”

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  1. people have personal lives, because they represent a school or country does not give you the right to every detail of their lives, saw them do this to chris taylor last year now its sachin dennis’ turn for speculation and negative comments

  2. It’s a known, but rare disease called Changingallegiance. It’s contagious, but still not a threat to Jamaica’s deep field of talents.

  3. This story gets more strange every time something comes up. Just recently the principal is reported to have made a statement refuting all the speculations of this athlete switching nationality. I thought then that any report of any change was aborted but then this just takes it back to where it was before. I hope he gets well soon.

  4. Some links are missing. ? Sachin Dennis I hope things will work out for you and you will have a safe recovery. Blessings ?

  5. Not sure what to believe about this youngster anymore. I have been wondering what happened to him since his last appearance at Champs. None of those promising athletes who switched to Turkey and the other countries have performed at the international level as expected. They certainly do not get the kind of attention that Brand Jamaica receives on the world stage. But I guess the money is good


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