Michael O'Hara wins event
Michael O'Hara wins event

Michael O’Hara has left Racers Track Club and is back working with his high school coaches at Calabar.

“This is where it all started for me, and so I look forward to improving on my times from last season and taking it day by day,” said O’Hara for Buzz Caribbean.

Akan Track Club is based at Calabar High School.

“My programme is geared toward the 100m and 200m as well, but the hurdle is my main focus,” explained the former Calabar star.

O’Hara spent most of his times at Racers doing the 200m but switched to the 110m hurdles in his last season with the UWI-based club. He ran the 100m, 200m and 110m hurdles and had great success in high school.

In 2014, O’Hara won bronze in the 200m at the World Junior Championships. He was also part of Jamaica’s 4x100m bronze medal-winning team.
He is the 2013 World Youth 200m champion.

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  1. Why no mvp? Francis continue to produce the goods I don’t understand these athletes for someone so talented I think mvp would’ve been the best option maybe he can get back in high school champs is a few months away

  2. Three different coaches and two different clubs in one year, equal instability. The history of this of this kind of instability in an athletes career show none, in the recent pass have gone on to become better. Four names come to mind. Omar McCloud, three coaches two different clubs,equaled inconsistency during the season and ultimate loss of his world championship title at the world championship,, Akeem Bloomfield,a stellar college season finishing at #2 behind Michael Norman,two coaching changes upon leaving Auburn University, the latter part of his season pedestrian. Locally O’Hara and Hyde three different coaches and two different clubs in one year pedestrian season. While changing coaches is a necessary part of track and field a athlete’s success or failure, except for injury, is his or her own doing. condition, environment make success conducive and possible but the ultimate result depends on the athlete. Count me as skeptical but i wish him luck. Lets see how this move pans out.


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