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Elaine Thompson To Skip Diamond League 100m final in Brussels (September 6)

Olympic Games sprint double champion Elaine Thompson will skip the IAAF Diamond League 100m.

Thompson qualified for both 200m and 100m finals, set for Zurich (August 29) and Brussels (September 6).

The women’s 200m will run on Thursday in Zurich. Thompson is down to face Bahamian Shaunae Miller-Uibo in what will be her last race before the Doha 2019 World Championships – September 27 to October 6.
“Tomorrow ‘I’ll just try to have fun as ‘it’s my last race before Doha,” Thompson said at the press conference on Wednesday.

“It’s gonna be my first IAAF Diamond League Final before a major championship event, and I will be pleased that the season will be finished afterwards,” she continued.

Thompson, who after winning the double at Jamaica Trials, was unsure if she will run both events in Doha, told journalists: “I’ll run the 100 and 200m at the World Championships in Doha.”

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  1. @Racquel Martin I am a fan of elaine thompson I just think she can do much better especially at the 200m she have the fastest time of the year in the 200m but everytime she competes against shaunae Miller she never seem to give her best effort..

  2. @Llewsac N J Remlap what injury she is a professional who runs for a living she is the 100m & 200m Olympic champion..its a horrible decision not to double up..she won’t win the 200m she has never beaten shaunae Miller

  3. Coaches orders!! Franno no want Shelly and Elaine clash again before WC! Notice he withdrew Elaine From the last diamond league and enter Shelly so she could qualify for the finals ! But if I was Elaine I would have chosen the 100 because she have a better chance to win that. Now Shelly is going to easily win the 100 and the diamond trophy and she might not . It’s going to be tough for her going up against Shaunae in the 200

  4. Sean Smith sir read the article properly and with understanding she will be doing both at the world championship however she had qualify for both 200 n 100 m for the diamond league and she will be taking part only in the 200m leaving Shelly for the 100

  5. Nathaniel Manning yea but why limit yourself put your best foot forward at all times..this selective primadonna style many athletes resort to is pathetic

  6. She’s already on the 100m and 200m team for the world championships, and Miller isn’t running the 200m in Doha.

  7. So once again she will not be world champion at an individual level she cannot beat shaunae Miller in the 200m..this is truly pathetic


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