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Day 4 action at the 2018 Boys’ and Girls’ Athletics Championships is on Friday (23 March), please see the day’s schedule below – Champs Day 4 schedule, taking place at the National Stadium.

8:30 am Boys’ Class 2 Triple Jump (Prelims)
8:30 am Girls’ 100m Hurdels Hep. Open (Event #1)
8:35 am Girls’ Javelin Throw Open Final
8:35 am Boys’ Class 1 Shot Put Throw (Prelims)
8:40 am Boys’ Class 1 High Jump (Prelims)
8:45 am Girls’ Class 4 70m Hurdles (Semi-Final)
9:10 am Girls’ Class 3 80m Hurdles (Semi-Final)
9:15 am Girls’ Class 2 100m Hurdles (Semi-Final)
9:25 am Girls’ Class 1 100m Hurdles (Semi-Final)
9:35 am Boys’ Class 3 100m Hurdles (Semi-Final)
9:55 am Boys’ Class 2 110m Hurdles (Semi-Final)
10:15 am Boys’ Class 1 110m Hurdles (Semi-Final)
10:30 am Girls’ Class 3 Long Jump (Prelims)
11:00 am Girls’ High Jump Hep. Open (Event #2)
1:05 pm Girls’ Class 2 Discus Throw Final
1:10 pm Boys’ Class 3 Long Jump Final
1:35 pm Girls’ Class 3 400m (Semi-Final)
1:40 pm Girls’ Class 4 High Jump Final
1:45 pm Boys’ Class 3 400m (Semi-Final)
1:55 pm Girls’ Class 2 400m (Semi-Final)
2:05 pm Boys’ Class 2 400m (Semi-Final)
2:15 pm Girls’ Class 1 400m (Semi-Final)
2:25 pm Boys’ Class 1 400m (Semi-Final)
2:40 pm Girls’ Class 4 100m (Semi-Final)
3:05 pm Girls’ Class 3 100m (Semi-Final)
3:05 pm Girls’ Class 3 Discus Throw Final
3:15 pm Boys’ Class 3 100m (Semi-Final)
3:15 pm Girls’ Triple Jump Open Final
3:25 pm Girls’ Class 2 100m (Semi-Final)
3:35 pm Boys’ Class 2 100m (Semi-Final)
3:50 pm Girls’ Class 1 100m (Semi-Final)
4:05 pm Boys’ Class 1 100m (Semi-Final)
5:05 pm-6:00 pm OPENING CEREMONY
6:10 pm Boys’ Pole Vault Open Final
6:10 pm Boys’ Class 2 Discus Throw (Prelims)
6:15 pm Girls’ Class 1 High Jump Final
6:20 pm Boys’ Class 1 Triple Jump Final
6:20 pm Girls’ Shot Put Throw Open Hep, (Event #3)
6:25 pm Girls’ Class 3 1500m Open Final
6:30 pm Boys’ Class 3 1500m Open Final
6:35 pm Girls’ Class 2 1500m Open Final
6:45 pm Boys’ Class 2 1500m Open Final
6:50 pm Girls’ Class 1 1500m Open Final
7:00 pm Boys’ Class 1 1500m Open Final
7:20 pm Girls’ 400m Hurdles Open Final
7:30 pm Boys’ Class 2 400m Hurdles Final
7:35 Boys’ Class 1 400m Hurdles Final
7:45 pm Girls’ Class 4 100m Final
7:53pm Girls’ Class 3 100m Final
7:58 pm Boys’ Class 3 100m Final
8:08 pm Girls’ Class 2 100m Final
8:13 pm Boys’ Class 2 100m Final
8:23 pm Girls’ Class 1 100m Final
8:38 pm Boys’ Class 1 100m Final
8:50 pm Girls’ 200m Hep. Open (Event #4)

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