Makyn/Staff Photographer Tyreke Wilson of Calabar running in the Boys 200 Meter at theQueens/ Grace Jackson meet at the National stadium on Saturday 31.1.2015

Screen Shot 2018 03 20 at 2.27.17 PMThe excellent Kingston College track and field programme has prepared its finest Championships team ever.  The 2018 Purples have it in their power to score 324 points, which is more than any Champs team in the past. The only trouble is that 2017 winner Calabar High School has a team that is a cut above anything ever seen before. This green and black juggernaut can score 380 points if all goes well.

Calabar, KC, JC – 191, St Jago – 160 and STETHS – 112 comprise the expected top 5.

The concern is that similar predictions were made in KC’s favour last year and they didn’t materialise.

If things go according to the script, the Kingston College grounding in the field events should put the Purples in front after the first four days of Champs.  Stronger in the 400 metres, Calabar has the legs to close the deficit early on Champs Saturday. If and when that happens, expect Calabar to pull away to its 29th title.

Predicted daily scores:

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Calabar 19 52 141 382
KC 14 65 161 324
JC 3 29 99 191

The keys to this success lie in the powerful senior Classes at Calabar.  KC is expected to outscore Calabar in Class 3 and in the Open Events but Calabar has much more ammunition in Classes 1 and 2.

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Open
Calabar 141 116 69 56
KC 92 76 85 71

Led by team captain Christopher Taylor, the Calabar Class 1 troops will likely win most of the track events in that age category and that’s even with defending 100 champion Michael Stephens not 100%.  KC goes to battle with 7.99 long jumper Wayne Pinnock, improving Tarees Rhoden in the 800, shot putter Zico Campbell and dangerous 400 metre sprinter Deshawn Morris among others trying to counter the Calabar Dream Team of Tyreke Wilson, Taylor, Stehens and hurdling power house Dejour Russell, improving discus man Kai Chang, versatile Anthony Carpenter and fast 400 metre hurdler Malik James-King.

800 metre runner Kimar Farquharson, a record breaking champion last year in Class 2, just adds to the diverse power coach Michael Clarke has at his disposal.

If KC can make major inroads here and in Class 2, the gap seen on paper could be mitigated.

The KC bid for victory last year hit the skids when ace sprinter Jhevaughn Matherson and Pinnock suffered injuries.  With this in mind, Stephens and Russell will be carefully watched since both have endured discomfort. On the plus side for Calabar, both boys had issues last year and came through at Champs with flying colours in the 100 and the 110 hurdles.

Possible record breakers
*Christopher Taylor, Calabar Class 1 200 metres
*Dejour Russell, Calabar, Class 1 sprint hurdles
*Wayne Pinnock, KC, Class 1 long jump
*Roje Stona, St Jago, Class 1 discus
*Antonio Watson, Petersfield, Class 2 400
*Kevroy Venson, Calabar, Class 2 1500
*Corlando Chambers, St Jago, Class 3 1500
*Donovan Thames, Kingston College, decathlon
*Calabar, medley relay
*Calabar, 4×400

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