Predict #Champs2017 winning (teams) points and win #PumaShoe
#WhoWillWin #taChamps #Champs #Champs2017

Rules of the competition

1. The first person to post the exact points and predict the winning team(s) will finish on, will win the prize(s)….Please make sure your predictions include the name of the schools and points.

2. If no one gets the exact points, then the winner will be the first post with closest points below the actual number…Example the winning school finishes with 300 and the person predicted 299.5 or 299 will win over someone who posted 301.

3. If a person is closer on the upper number then this person will be the winner….Example the winning school finish with 300 and the person predicted 300.5 or 301 will win over the person with 298.

4. Answers must be done using the Facebook comment space below…No answer on social media will be accepted.

5. Both boys’ and girls’ predicted points should be submitted at the same time, however, the closest for each one will be separated. You don’t have to get both right to win as you can win the boys’ prediction and not the girls. Example if the same person is closer with both numbers, then that person will win two pairs of shoes, if NOT, and the person is closer on one, this person will win one pair of shoes.

6. We will stop accepting answers at 11:59pm on Friday, March 31, 2017.


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