LOS ANGELES, USA – Lauryn Williams is one of a handful of athletes to compete in both a summer and winter Olympic Games. She won a silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in the 100m as well as a silver medal at 2014 Olympic Games in the bobsled.

In her recent post at Track and Field Athletes Association website she spoke about current state of the situation in regard to doping.

“But the FACT is: the system is failing us. The system currently incentivizes cheating by offering monetary rewards with no strings attached; it should want it to incentivize WINNING CLEAN. It should want to make sure that all countries adhere to high same standard we are held to in America,” she wrote.

“Currently, the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) doesn’t have proper governance or resources to do this,” she continued.

The former track and field athlete went on to say: “Those of us who choose to play true need to know we are not alone. We need to know that the system will not fail us or forget us. We need to know samples will be tested and retested decades later as technology improves, and that protocol will be put in place to try to reimburse us for the moments, recognition and money lost at the hands of cheaters.”


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