After a stand out high school and college career on the track, turning professional for Jeshua Anderson has enabled him to help guide the latest talented young athletes progress.

Anderson moved to Phoenix in September to train under the guidance of Dan Pfaff, Andreas Behm and Stuart McMillan, but he is putting his experience to good use by doing some coaching of his own.

“I coach at a prep school with a long hurdler called Bobby Grant,” said Jeshua. “He’s one of the top sprint hurdlers in the nation for 300m at his age.”

“I was in touch with his dad via my college coach that knew that I was coming out here. I was able to watch him for a few sessions and I was able to pass him on some knowledge that I’ve learned over the years.”
Jeshua knows the influence his coaches have had on his career, and is more than happy to spend time out helping young athletes like Grant.

“Throughout high school I was blessed to have some great coaches around me and people who knew what they were doing. I think he’ll be really good and I’m looking forward to working with him some more.”

Brophy College Prep student Bobby Grant set a debut time of 41.14 in his opening meet, a few months later he had reduced it dramatically to 37.95. As a junior, Grant finished the 300 hurdles in an Arizona All Time #2 time of 36.88 at the AZ Division 1 State Championships.

“Having an elite athlete like Jeshua here in Arizona that is willing to reach out to a young athlete like me is priceless,” said Grant, who heads off to the University of Miami in the fall.

“He has made himself extremely accessible for advice and guidance. He has experienced all of the ups and downs that I am yet to see, and his insight will be so helpful. He has come out to our practices at Brophy to show us a few drills and pass his wisdom on, and will be helping me all season.”

“I look forward to implementing Jeshua’s wisdom and coaching in my races. I am so grateful to have him in my life, and hope to one day compete with him at a high level.”


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