Racers Grand Prix
Usain Bolt, center, wins the 100-meter final ahead of Yohan Blake, left and Asafa Powell in the Racers Grand Prix track and field event at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica, Saturday, June 11, 2016. (AP Photo/Collin Reid)

After all the training, the races on the circuit, the predictions on Facebook and the fans who can’t get enough of the sport we love so much, it’s finally here. Thursday marks the beginning of Jamaica’s senior athletics trials at the National Stadium and everyone must compete for a spot on the team to the Olympics in Rio Brazil.

Jamaica has a rich tradition in the Olympics and this year we expect no less. Our stars will shine bright in Rio, but we have to get over the first hurdle, the Jamaican Trials.

These are my prediction for the main events over the next three days.

     100m Men

  1. Usain Bolt
  2. Yohan Blake
  3. Asafa Powell

Nickel Ashmeade, Kemar Bailey-Cole and Jason Livermore should round out the relay pool.

100m Women

  1. Elaine Thompson
  2. Veronica Campbell-Brown
  3. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Christania Williams, Kerron Stewart and Remona Burchell should round out the relay pool. Natasha Morrison could be there in the mix, providing that she is in good form.

200m Men

  1. Usain Bolt
  2. Yohan Blake
  3. Nickel Ashmeade

Julian Forte, Warren Weir and Rasheed Dwyer should close out the top 6, in that same order.

200m Women

  1. Veronica Campbell-Brown
  2. Elaine Thompson
  3. Shelly Ann Fraser -Pryce ( if she contests the event)

Should Shelly not contest the event, I will give 3rd place to Kerron Stewart, with Simone Facey behind her.

400m Men

  1. Javon Francis
  2. Christopher Taylor
  3. Damish Gaye

Akeem Bloomfield, Rusheen McDonald and Peter Matthews should round off the relay pool. Ricardo Chambers and Dane Hyatt, should complete the top 8..

400m Women

  1. Shericka Jackson
  2. Stephanie Ann McPherson
  3. Novlene William – Mills

I believe that this will be one of the most exciting races at trials, as the event is loaded with talent. Surprises could come from Anneisha Mclaughlin- Whilby, who is down to contest the one lap event and the inform Christine Day. Anastasia Le-Roy should also make things interesting.

110m Hurdles

  1. Omar McLeod
  2. Hansel Parchment
  3. Deuce Carter

Tyler Mason should make the field exciting.

100m Hurdles

  1. Danielle William
  2. Megan Simmonds
  3. Shermaine Williams

It will be interesting to see what Kimberly Laing and Melaine Walker brings to the table.

400m Hurdles Men

  1. Roxroy Cato
  2. Ansert Whyte
  3. Jaheel Hyde

It remains to be seen if Leford Green and others can step up to the plate and snatch a place on the team.

400m Hurdles Women

  1. Kaliese Spencer
  2. Ristananna Tracey
  3. Leah Nugent

Word coming from Spencer’s camp is that she will be at her best come trials; as such this is making of a top battle for national honors.

800m Women

  1. Natoya Goule
  2. Kenia Sinclair
  3. Simoya Campbell

Sinclair will be a tough cookie, but Goule looks the class of the field.

Men’s Discus

  1. Federick Dacres
  2. Jason Morgan
  3. Chad Wright

Traves Smikle should make it interesting

Women”s Discuss

  1. Kellion Knibb
  2. Shadae Lawrence
  3. Tarasue Barnett

**The views expressed in this article are those of the author (Kino Cummings) and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, trackalerts.com.



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