By Clayton Clarke, writer 

The women’s 200m finals is best in World Championships history. Not only the Championships record broken but also the best ever time for places (first to eight) were achieved. 

Fastest winning time

Daphne Schippers (NED) sped to a new championships record 21.63, erasing the 21.74 by Silke Gladisch (GDR) in 1987. 

Fastest second place

Elaine Thompson (JAM) ran the fastest time for second place, clocking 21.66secs. Florence Griffith Joyner (USA) held the best second place time, running 21.96 in 1987 by Silke Gladisch (GDR) in in 1987. 

Fastest third place

Veronica Campbell-Brown (JAM) ran the fastest time for third place with 21.97 eclipsing the 22.06 by Merlene Ottey (JAM) in 1987.

Fastest fourth place

Candace McGrone (USA) clocked 22.01 for the quickest time for fourth place. Pam Marshal (USA) held the previous best of 22.18 in finish in 1987.

Fastest fifth place

Dina Asher-Smith (GBR)  ran 22.01 to clock best time for fifth place erasing the previous best of 22.28 by Debbie Ferguson (BAH) in 1999.

Fastest sixth place

American Jeneba Tarmoh’s 22.31 is the fastest time for sixth place going quicker than the 22.42 clocking by Fatima Yusuf (NGR) in 1999.

Fastest seventh place

Ivet Lalova-Collio (BUL) finished with the best seventh place time of 22.42 to go better than the 22.50 by Galina Malchugina (RUS) in 1993. 

Fastest eight place

Sherone Simpson (JAM) sped to 22.50  to become the fastest ever in eight place  lowering the  previous fastest of 22.55 by Nadezhda Georgieva (BUL) in 1987.


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