Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships Live Blog: Updates, Records, and Highlights
Join us for live blogging coverage of the Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships. Witness the athleticism, determination, and triumphs as athletes compete on the global stage for supremacy

The World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 took an unexpected turn as weather played its hand, causing delays that rippled through the event.

Why the delay in the start of the Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships?

A message addressed to accredited media delivered the news – “Due to the weather conditions, the morning session at the stadium has been postponed to 11:30. The new projected end time would be approximately 15:45.” This sudden shift created a buzz among athletes, coaches, and spectators, as they adjusted their plans to accommodate the changes.

While the Athletics Centre offered shelter for eager spectators, the men’s 20km race walk faced its own setbacks. “Due to imminent lightning, the start of the men’s 20km race walk has been postponed by 2 hours to 10:50am,” organizers announced. Nature’s unpredictable intervention led to a 90-minute pause, leaving athletes and organizers grappling with unforeseen challenges.

Through it all, event officials remained committed to safety. The setbacks served as a reminder of the resilience that defines athletes and the unwavering unity of the sports community.

As the skies cleared and the hours passed, the atmosphere grew charged with anticipation. Despite the hurdles, the World Athletics Championships stood as a testament to dedication and the unbreakable bond shared by athletes worldwide.


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