Shericka Jackson for Brussels Diamond League on Friday (3 Sept)

Jamaican Shericka Jackson and American Sha’Carri Richardson were beaten by Christine Mboma of Namibia at Friday’s (3 Sept) Brussels Diamond League.


Jackson led off the curve and held her lead up to 170 metres before the fast-finishing Mboma stole the show. Mboma, who finished strong to edge out Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce for a medal in Tokyo 2020, won Friday’s event in 21.84.

In her first 200m since failing to make the Tokyo 2020 final, Jackson took second in 21.95.

“I’m happy with my race, but I really wanted to win today,” said Jackson.

“I had a good start, so I’m happy with that, but there’s still room for improvement. I was able to accelerate towards the end but couldn’t get the win,” added the Olympic Games 100m bronze medallist.

Richardson, who admitted she is a ‘baby’ to the 200m, showed no fight and finished way back in fourth – 22.45.

World champion Dina Asher-Smith was third in 22.04.

In the women’s 100m hurdles, Olympic Games bronze medallist Megan Tapper fought hard but had to settle for third in 12.77. Nadine Visser of the Netherland topped the field in 12.69 ahead of Nigerian Tobi Amusan, 12.69.

Tapper was not happy with the result. “I try to win every time I race, but today I was not in the competition.”

“I will have to watch the video and figure out what went wrong Today because I felt very strong. But it’s not the end of the season yet. I still have to race in Poland and Zurich. I’ll stay positive and try to win next time,” said Tapper.

Danielle Williams had some problems midway through the race and finished out of it. She was disqualified in the end.

Kirani James of Grenada finished second in the men’s 400m, running 44.51 behind American Michael Cherry, 44.03.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Deon Lendore, 45.06 and Jamaican Christopher Taylor, 45.88, were fifth and seventh, respectively.

Jamaican Jaheel Hyde ran 48.91 to take second in the men’s 400m hurdles. Brazilian Alison dos Santos won in 48.23, ahead of BVI’s Kyron McMaster, 48.31.

Fred Kerley won the men’s 100m in 9.94 but said: “I’m happy with the win, but I’m not satisfied with my race.”
“I didn’t execute the race how I wanted. That gives me working points because I always want to be better,” Kerley added.
Trayvon Bromell, who ran 9.97, said, “Today I came in second behind Fred Kerley, so I am very happy with that.”

Michael Norman was third in 9.98.

Sifan Hassan ran a world lead and meeting record 4:14.74 to win the women’s 1 mile.
“I’m really happy with the time. After Tokyo, I was so tired, so I just wanted to run the short distance. My goal was to run fast here tonight, and that is what I did. It is a beautiful time.

Hassan was on world record pace with two laps to go, but she was quick to point out after that wasn’t her aim. “No, I was not thinking about the world record, although I knew I was on world record pace in the beginning. But in the middle, it slowed down a bit. It does not matter. Like I said, I am happy with the time and meeting record.”


  1. Congratulations Jackson for your position, congrats to our young Champ Mboma for showing the whole world your best and Masilingi for your efforts. Namibia to the world 🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦

  2. Mboma the amazing little girl from our village will continue to break hearts with her pure innocent vibrations. We love her and she is our heroine. Hate on you see testerone cause they told you so. We see our little girl shining with the strentgh of our soil and sun.

  3. Congrats to Mboma,Shericka and every one who participate in the race…We love you all.We are super proud of you. Namibians loves you Jamaican Queens…Footprints Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce leaves in our country will always remembered 💞💞💞💞

  4. What a way they heated for us Jamaicans. We ain’t bias the headline Is. We didn’t win and am sure shericka doesn’t grudge the female Sprinter for winning and neither does anyone.Hats off to the winner but put some respect on the Jamaican name simple

  5. What a stupid misleading title for a poorly written article. The 2nd place and 4th place athletes were losers? That’s a weird designation, not to mention why single out just those 2 people?

  6. Oh boy. The old and played out ‘testosterone’ argument which has being thoroughly debunked. Whoever, comes behind the winner, lost. Mboma, the new star of track.

  7. Jamaicans everywhere will stay humble and congratulate our Queen Shericka with her marvelous 2nd place finish. Also, Congratulations to the winner Christine Mboma and in third place Dina Asher-Smith. Forth place gets no mention. But she can and will keep talking.

  8. Where are the Sha’Carri noise makers? Now you realize that many athletes are way ahead of her & not just the Jamaicans. MBOMA is the future, she’s gonna rule this track for years to come.

  9. We’re watching wasted Talent slipping away and I hate to say this because I’m pulling for the Young Queen but if Sha’Carri continues to lose and if Nike pulls their Sponsorship Money she’ll be out of the Sport with in the next 4 years. There’s one more Diamond League Race left and she better put in some serious work next year. She needs to move on from Dennis Mitchell and get a Bob Kersey type of Trainer that will serve as a Father figure and Disciplinarian.

    • Jamin Jennings I noticed it’s easy for people to write negative comments but when they like it they just hit the like button. To Jamin Jennings and the other writers, well said and to the others who wrote a great comment. Well said.👍👍👍👍

  10. I see the Jamaicans have a big problem with Mboma they talk all the nonsense about her that she is a men and all that is like the Jamaicans just want to win all the races it doesn’t work like that Mboma is still young and fresh and I’m sure her times is gonna improve alot and for new girl on the track she is doing super amazing and I’m happy for her she is determined she always gives her best so she is here to stay and we as africans will keep on supporting her

      • Yhonnique Sterling Not like the US…. LMAO! The only people in here talking grimy, insulting, being disrespectful to the ACTUAL WINNER of this race (the person who came in 1st) are Jamaicans. Not one person from the US is doing that in here. And that comes at no surprise. Your arrogance makes you sore winners and sore losers. This is nothing new. My daughters’ baby sitter, a spit fire Jamaican woman, once told me “Jamaicans are no good, I don’t let them in my house”. My response to her was, “but Mrs. Campbell, you’re Jamaican”…she said “I know man, this is why I tell you this”. While not all people from yard are “bad”, these comments, and yours show you a whole heap have issues.

    • Deon Pietersen I dont think they are against her, was it not Shellyanne Fraser-Pryce who defended her after Tokyo when people started talking about her Gender?

    • Deon Pietersen don’t talk lies Jamaicans have been supporting Mboma, go to Shelly Ann Page she spoke out against the unfair treatment towards this young lady and a lot of Jamaicans were supporting her. This headline is rubbish in track and field there are three winners that’s why they give a gold, silver and bronze medal. Mboma came first, Sherika second and Dina third. It was a Jamaican that won the 800m in this same diamond league. Congratulations to them. Stop trying to created unnecessary rift. The only athlete here that was showing no sportsmanship and having a load mouth was Sha’ Carrie and she still didn’t deliver. Jamaican athletes are humble and respectful remember that.

    • Deon Pietersen let me correct you on that phrase of Jamaicans talk nonsense about Mboma…Its a BIG NO from my side. My Queen Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce personally stood up for unfair treatment of Mboma and Masilingi in Tokyo. We love you Jamaicans and we will always support you.

    • Deon Pietersen The problem is not with Mboma. The problem is that corrupt governments in the majority of African nations have not developed medical services. This would enable youngsters with these chromosome problems to be properly treated.

  11. People forgot Mboma got a silver medal in Olympics Tokyo and the gold medalist wasn’t in the race so it was very obvious that Mboma would win in Brussels.
    Congratulations Mboma

  12. I’m here for ShaCarrie why put her in the headlines but have nothing to say in the body of the story. I guess the author realizes whatveberyone else does…no shacarrie no interest

  13. You mean jaheel HYde finished third and Kyron mcmaster finished second behinD brazilian alison dos santos in the men’s 400 m hurdles. Correct that STATEMENT


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