Bralon Taplin
Bralon Taplin competed in the 400 metres event at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing without advancing from the first round. He switched his allegiance from the United States to Grenada in December 2012

Grenada 400m runner Bralon Taplin, who is already serving a four-year doping ban, has had a further three years added to the period of Ineligibility due to a whereabouts infringement.

Earlier this year, Taplin was sanctioned for avoiding an in-competition drug test at the 2019 Grenadian Invitational.

He claimed he hadn’t been properly notified, a claim which CAS described as “implausible.”

Now, Taplin, who was fourth at the 2016 World Indoors, has been punished for missed tests in April, August and November of 2019, the AIU stated.

The AIU in a written statement noted “the Athlete’s Second Anti-Doping Rule Violation 10. The athlete has committed a second Anti-Doping Rule Violation under the ADR by virtue of having had three Missed Tests in the twelve-month period beginning on 21 April 2019.”

i. A Missed Test on 21 April 2019;

  1. A Missed Test on 28 August 2019; and

iii. A Missed Test on 25 November 2019.

“The AIU, therefore, confirms by this decision a period of Ineligibility for the athlete’s second Anti-Doping Rule Violation of three (3) years from midnight on 29 September 2023 to midnight on 29 September 2026.”

Taplin, who is now 28 years old, will illegible to compete again at age 34.

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  1. Ricky General He has NEVER tested positive for anything unlike Yohan, Asafa, VCB and Shellyann. Should they have been given lifetime bans or is that just something for the small island boys?

  2. This is not good for the sport at all… Anyway it is what it is. When He reach 34 years old without any competition, what good will that do for Him?🤦.

  3. Note this man has NOT been tested positive for ANY substance. Athletes who have tested positive have gotten off easy and other athletes who have whereabouts failures USUALLY don’t get two years. ALSO, he was already serving suspension while those whereabouts violations are said to have happened. IF you cant compete for FOUR YEARS why is there still a penalty for whereabout violations?


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