After being delayed by COVID-19 in 2020, the long-awaited Speed Capital Series is set to commence in Starkville, MS on April 17, 2021.

The series will host athletes in several regions throughout the country, many of which are top of their athletic classes.

Currently, there are seven locations on the schedule for next year:

• SC Central (Starkville, MS),
• SC Mid-Atlantic (Ashburn, VA),
• SC Southwest (Houston, TX),
• SC Florida (Orlando, FL),
• SC Southeast (Atlanta, GA)
• SC San Antonio (San, Antonio, TX)
• SC Midwest (Indianapolis, IN)

There is an immense amount of hype behind this series, before the cancellation of the 2019 SC Florida Invitational, there were 217 teams and over 1500 athletes registered to participate. It appears most of those prospective participants are gearing up for the 2021 series; a glance on their Facebook page (@SpeedCapital) and you’ll notice the insane list of talented athletes and multitude of clubs preparing for next year’s events.

The organizers have done an outstanding job creating a new level of excitement around the series.

They’ve manufactured medals that are arguably some of the best in youth track & field. They made available custom apparel (uniforms, backpacks, & hoodies) based on the participant’s accomplishments, they’re offering $21K in scholarship funds for participants that are graduating seniors, and they’ve allocated up to $45K in club donations throughout the series.

If you’d like to tune into the series, you can catch it. has partnered with Speed Capital to provide live streaming for several locations.

“Like thousands of athletes, coaches, and parents nationwide, we anxiously await the pop of the first gun of the 2021 Speed Capital Series,” the organizers said.

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