American sprinter Deajah Stevens has been hit with an 18-month ban from track and field.

Stevens, who is the 2016 NCAA Division 1 sprint double champion, has been charged for whereabouts failures.

The Athletics Integrity Unit confirmed the sanction on Thursday, 16 July.

“The @WorldAthletics
Disciplinary Tribunal has banned sprinter Deajah Stevens of the USA for 18-months for whereabouts failures, a violation of the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules,” the AIU statement said.

Also, AIU said Stevens’ 18 months of ineligibility is from 17 February 2020. It also said her results from such time would be erased from the books.

Stevens finished second in the 100m at USA’s Rio 2016 Olympic Games Trials.

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  1. Julian Kerr the cheaters are damaging the sport. You can’t cheat out others out their success when they work so hard and you drugs up. There has to be rules and regulations so the playing field is level. You know how much money athletes loose out on when they don’t recognize them as winners and stars?

  2. I feel like these anti- doping agency’s are trying to damage the sport, no one will want to work with track athletes in the future because it’s going to seem like a bad investment, every other month you hear about track athletes getting into trouble about there wear-abouts then they get these stupid bans.

  3. They’re trying to stop cheating and catch cheaters these athletes know the rules, it’s not hard to follow them. Only a few want to beat the system and cheat. You break the rules these are the penalties, should be mandatory 2yrs


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