Asafa Powell to run at Meeting de Paris
Asafa Powell to run at Meeting de Paris

Asafa Powell ran his first 100m race of 2020 at Saturday’s (7 July) Velocity Fest Meet in Kingston.

Powell, the former 100m world record holder, won his heat in 10.51 seconds but finished fifth overall.

Nesta Carter, 10.38, won the event ahead of Tyquendo Tracey, 10.39s and Romario Williams, 10.39.

Oshane Bailey, 10.46 for fourth and Trinidad and Tobago’s Emmanuel Callender, 10.91 for 11th, also faced the starter.

In the men’s 200m, won by Julian Forte in 20.71 (-2.9m/s), Jaheel Hyde finished fifth in 21.37 (-2.6m/s).
Bailey was sixth in 21.42 (-2.9m/s wind) and Callender, 10th in 21.99 (-2.4m/s).

Akani Slater won the men’s 400m in 46.79 ahead of Demar Murray, 47.21 and Malik James-King, 47.37.

Domon Williams topped the men’s triple jump with 15.46m.

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  1. Low di Bl@@$C*#%E man! Wha unuh a duh?! Asafa is the GREATEST …like it or not he placed us on the map again after Quarry and to a lesser extent Raymond Stewart. World record holder and the most sub 10s’ ever! He is our OWN ….DO NOT DISRESPECT HIM, CHERISH HIM NOT ABUSE HIM.

  2. Person who doesn’t have a clear understanding will choose to to chat factless information…..but, don’t worry if they have a particular bias they will defend vehemently….. wonder how their progeny will fare

  3. Even though it’s very early season and they have not competed for a long time 10.51 for an athlete coming back means you are way past your best and it’s downhill from here .I would expect anything from the 10.3s to low 10.4s for any serious future competition. Softer Powell the writing is on the wall


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