Kemoy Campbell
Kemoy Campbell suffers another scare relating to his heart

Track and Field queen Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is begging support for retired Jamaican athlete Kemoy Campbell.

Campbell, who collapsed while competing at the Millrose Games in February 2019, retired on the advice of his doctor last September.

He recently had life-saving heart surgery for the second time in seven months. He was forced to do the surgery because he passed out while driving in the United States due to some malfunction with his Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD).

Campbell begged for help with his medical expenses.

Fraser-Pryce, who won back to back Olympic Games 100m titles in Beijing 2008 and London 2012, responded:
“I know there is a lot going on in the world, and right now we are all questioning the future. But allow me to introduce Kemoy Campbell (@kemoy_campbell ) who is a retired Jamaican athlete. He didn’t retire because he wanted to. He simply had no choice. He has gone through one surgery that depleted his funding and now has a second surgery”.

“After all those years and hardship Kemoy now needs help, and yes athletes can contribute but how many?” wrote Fraser-Pryce on her social media page.

Sports Minister Olivia Grange had earlier posted on her Instagram page that her Ministry will give support to the Olympian.

Minister Grange said, “everything must be done to assist Kemoy.”

Minister Grange said Campbell was covered under the Jamaica Athletes Insurance Plan — which provides health, life and personal accident coverage — and he is entitled to use it to deal with medical expenses.

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I know there is a lot going on in the world and right now we are all questioning the future. But allow me to introduce Kemoy Campbell (@kemoy_campbell )who is a retired Jamaican athlete. He didn’t retire because he wanted to. He simply had no choice. He has gone through one surgery that depleted his funding and now has a second surgery. So many people see athletes competing without knowing a lot about what goes into the preparation. Mental, physical and of course financially. Believe me when I tell you a lot of athletes are barely getting by. But they represent the black gold and green with patriotism and pride. They pay their Coaches, they pay their Doctors, their Physiotherapist, rent , food, and the list goes on. A lot of them have no sponsorship. As a sponsored athlete I’m extremely grateful for my Sponsors. Recently, the Government of Jamaica said they would assist the athletes with monthly maintenance and I know for many athletes that no matter how small the financial gesture, they would grasp it with both arms. We have no idea what sacrifices athletes like Kemoy made to represent our nation. From paying to come to Senior National Championship, to paying to travel for competing at the various track meets, to food! Knowing like everyone else that in this life nothing is guaranteed after all the hard work, but it’s important to show up again and again in the search for athletic glory with the ultimate goal of financial rewards. The Covid-19 virus has brought the world at a standstill. Many are questioning their future and so are we. Meets postponed yet bills to pay. Facilities closed down, some are not able to train. I’m saying all this to say, we are no different just because we are athletes. After all those years and hardship Kemoy now needs help and yes athletes can contribute but how many? This is why when an athlete wants to compete even in their 40s it’s their right because they are doing it for themselves and their families. While we all wait for this virus to pass, I pray that after the storm we can all find a way to get back on our feet. It’s not going to be easy but we will find a way . Link in the bio if you wish to donate. ? #KemoyCampbell

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  1. A that’s y we Jamaicans naah better that how wi stay,shelly ask for help for kemoy,she neva ask you personally kmt,jus becuz dem a athlete that nuh mean seh dem a nuh human like wi,dem have Bill’s and family too to take care of,he represents our country let’s return the favor by helping him

  2. Hi Kemoy
    I just want to encourage you to give JESUS a chance to show up and show off in your life; that is, if you’re not a Believer as yet. HE has done awesome things in my life, including healing! I remember watching you at one of the CARIFTA Games and you were simply amazing! Be encouraged, we’re praying for you! You are loved!! Great days are ahead of you young man!!!

    • That’s ignorant, only top top medal winners are comfortable financially.
      The rest are pretty much living race to race, it takes yrs

  3. @Sheraine Cooper-Edwards He is covered partially. We wait to see if he can do the balance or if he will still need help, which she has also offered, the only true concern is when will it all fall in place?

  4. God be with you. I wish you a successful and speedy recovery. Just trust and believe in the Lord. He is our refuge and strength he will never leave us nor forsake us. Right now I declare and decree healing in the mighty name of Jesus. No sickness or diseases cannot hold God’s children bodies down. I pray for strength, health and healing in no other name but the precious name of Jesus Christ our soon coming King. Be healed right now in Jesus name. Amen!!!!

  5. Shelly u a multimillionaire wey u no help him u can spare one million a u US doĺlar from the millions u av that will more than help kmt

  6. @Dwight C-Bar Coleman plus Yohan, Jamaica athletic body and the minister, plus all well wishing and capable Jamaicans

  7. Didnt Min Grange said he is covered by the athletes insurance and the government will cover the balance..

  8. He has served his country (Jamaica) well, let’s return the favour! Life is so funny, if Kemoy had just won a race, there would be no ending in sight for the amount of congrats and the Big ups that would be on this page, but, that is how Jamaican “so called” fans are. Wishing you a speedy recovery Kemoy.


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