St. Mary win Eastern Champs 2020

St. Mary High are champions of the east. St. Mary topped the overall standing of the 2020 Eastern Athletics Championships, which ended on Tuesday (25 Feb) at the National Stadium.

St. Mary tallied 651 points to beat Buff Bay 546.5 and Titchfield 319.5. Oberlin 286, St. Thomas Technical 218, Port Antonio 206, Glengoffe 165, Morant Bay 150, St. Mary Technical 143 and Paul Bogle 105 rounded off the top 10 schools.

St. Mary won the female section with 407 points ahead of Buff Bay 301.5, Oberlin 198, Titchfield 171.5 and Glengoffe 121.

Buff Bay with 245 points is the male champion. St. Mary High 244, Titchfield 148, Port Antonio 115 and St. Thomas Technical 111.

Abigail Schaaffe, with two records, were among the eight record breakers at the two-day championships.

Schaaffe ran a record 2;16.48 to beat her St. Mary High teammate Latasha Hall, 2:19.50 in the Class 1 girls’ 800m. The previous record was 2:16.59

Schaaffe was at it again, this time in the girls’ 400m hurdles open, running 61.18 to beat the old mark of 62.24. Jamera Scott of Buff Bay was second in 67.30.

Other record-breakers were Shone Walters, Bianca Samuels, Shantoy Chambers, Racquil Broaderwick, Raymond Richards, Cordaelia Williams and St. Mary High’s Class 3 girls’ 4x100m quartet.

Walters, also of St. Mary High, ran 4:56.88 to beat the previous mark of 4:59.91 in the Class 2 girls’ 1500m. Kaiesha Samuels of Buff Bay was second in 5:28.72.

Samuels of Oberlin threw a record 35.47m, beating the old mark of 34.53m, in the Class 2 girls’ discus.

Chambers, also of Oberlin, broke the Class 1 girls’ discus record with 39.83. The previous best was 38.35m.

Broaderwick of St. Mary High became the first 50-point Class 2 discus thrower in the meet’s history. He threw 51.23m to beat the previous mark of 48.02.
The Class 1 discus record was 50.16m set in 2012.

Richards of Buff Bay also became the first over 50-point javelin thrower in the competition’s history. He threw the spear 52.33 meters to beat the old mark of 49.14m.

St. Mary Class 3 girls’ 4x100m team ran a record 48.02 in the heats, but could only manage 48.10 in the final.

Williams of St. Mary cleared 1.65 to equal the record in the Class 2 girls’ high jump.

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  1. Congratulations my St. Mary High. (Marys high).

    Faith And Courage…..

    As short as I am I am now standing tall as a past student…

    Love you all…

  2. @Preston Matthews Calm down. It’s still the weakest of the 4 region. We know that top schools recruit from everywhere, including East. So who was the last standout that stayed and represented the east? We are aware of the history & contribution of the east,but the substantive point is the times are slower generally. Selah.

  3. I said it before and will say it again, base on the results from the east, i don’t see any athlete taking home a medal at Champs.
    I would expect Naggo Head to perform better at Primary Champs

  4. I love attending the Eastern Champs because I’m supporting the school I’m attached to. We all know school athletes, and their potential, once it’s maximised. Eastern Champs is not comparable to Boys and Girls Champs. Give the schools their due respect. Well done all participants. (Also a supporter of the mega classic next month.)

  5. Ean Ennis that’s a lie. Year after year. The East has a lot of standout performances and where do you think some of these top schools get their athletes from? They might not come in the top 5 at Champs but they all earn points setting back a lot of these so called top schools

  6. Congratulations Faith and courage,you all did your best,I see people talking as if they can run 12 second in a 100 metre,it’s not easy it takes work and alot of training and school work in between. What I know is when it comes to St mary high their school work is a priority,they ain’t putting track over their school work ,they only train 2 hours for 5 Days a week ,with not much resouces,and they can go at 12 seconds and faster,but other schools they camp,cut school out for training. The other schools drill the athletes over work them but not coach Williams. He makes sure they are good and healthy and balance the school work too,so unu please come off at mary high school back ,let them celebrate their victory.
    And let them celebrate their victory.

  7. None of these schools from out of east will finish in the top 10 at Champs… No disrespect, but Eastern Champs is like Naggo Head Primary Sports Day.

  8. Marcus Sniper Don’t hold your breath. I have noticed that they are 1.5 – 2 seconds off in the sprints. But these Eastern Champs are the weakest of the 4 regions generally. Though there may be a few potential stand outs.

  9. Congrats to St. Mary High the overall champions and Buff Bay the male winners. Boys and Girls Champs will be a sizzler…?????


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