The quartet of twin Tina and Tia Clayton, Brandy Hall and Serena Cole combined for a devastating 43.80 seconds
The quartet of twin Tina and Tia Clayton, Brandy Hall and Serena Cole combined for a devastating 43.80 seconds

Edwin Allen’s devastating 43.80 secs run on Wednesday’s (19 Feb) final day of Central Champs at GC Foster College – stand tall on the world’s all-time list.

The destructive quartet – Serena Cole, 16, Tina Clayton, 15, Brandy Hall, 17, and Tia Clayton, 15, in that order, was responsible for a run which will be on the lips of track and field fans for some time.

Michael Dyke, Edwin Allen’s head coach, described the run as an “outstanding performance anywhere in the world.”

Tia Clayton said: “I am kind of in shock.”
“I knew we could have gone that fast but didn’t expect it to come today,” she was quoted in local media.

Let’s put the time into perspective and put aside that its a Central Champs record.

Cole and Tina first leg change was poor. Tina, who was out too early and had to be looking back, forced Cole to stretch desperately to make the change. The second change was a little better, but wasn’t the best, while the final handover, Hall almost ran up in Tia Clayton to make the change.

Smoother passes could have gotten them closer to Jamaica’s U20 record of 43.40, set back in 2002 with Sherone Simpson, Kerron Stewart, Anneisha McLaughlin and Simone Facey. Jamaica won the World U20 title in Kingston.

The world U20 record is 43.27, set by Germany in 2017. The German quartet of Kathrin Fehm, Keisha Kwadwo, Sophia Junk and Jennifer Montag eclipsed the previous record of 43.29 set by a US squad in 2006.

In 2019 at the Penn Relays, Serena Cole, Kevona Davis and twin sisters Tina and Tia Clayton, set a new Penn Relays and World High School record of 43.62 seconds.

The Champs record, any class, is 44.17 put down by Edwin Allen’s quartet of Christania Williams, Saqukine Cameron, Camira Haughton and Claudette Allen in 2014.

Cole, Tia and Tina Clayton, along with Johnson, at Champs 2019, combined for a destructive 44.25 seconds to win Class 3 and the second-fastest in any class ever at Champs.

Let’s take a look at the Carifta Games records, all held by Jamaica.

The U20 record is 44.08, set by Jamaica with Christania Williams, Deandra Whitehorne, Celia Walters and Shericka Jackson in 2011.

Shellece Clarke, Shanice Reid, Natalliah White and Kimone Shaw set the U18 mark of 44.81 in 2014.

Two of the ladies from Edwin Allen’s destructive team, Serena Cole and Tia Clayton, along with Briana Williams and Sashieka Steele, established the U17 Carifta Games record of 44.95 in 2018.

The American High School record is 44.24 by DeSoto from Texas, set in 2019.

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  1. These girls by April will start speed work and will run in the low 11s. I am looking for all four girls on this class 2 edwin allen team to run sub 11.4 not to mention the Clayton twins running sub 11.2

  2. Take Brandy Hall out it would be a world U18 record … Add Kevona with more smoother baton passes the National record will go at Penn Relays…

    Add Ashanti Moore and Briana to any of the Edwin Allen four, they will NOT only BREAK the Jamaica U20 record, they will run 42-high


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