Jakaira Jones-Smith

Jakaira Jones-Smith’s unbelievably 200m run at Thursday’s (20 Feb) Barbados’ Primary School Athletics Championships is under scrutiny.

Full Results Race video below

The 11-year-old, according to the meet results page, stopped the clock in 23.13 seconds to win the U13 girls’ 200m final.

Jones-Smith, who ran from lane three in heat three, beat Kira Wickham of Cuthbert Moore, 28.31.

Markeisha Chandler of A.DaCosta, the heat four winner, was third overall with 28.59.

No wind reading was available for the event and based on this writer’s timing of the video, the time seems more likely to be 28secs, a second ahead of second place.

Jaria Hoyte of Bayley’s Primary ran 26.68 in 2010 for the event record.

In 2019, Jones-Smith ran 30.79 in the U11 category, which raised questions about the seven-second improvement in one year.

Jones-Smith’s Belmont Primary failed to an impact in the 4x100m final, finishing 9th in 1:02.80. All Saints Primary won the event in 58.36.

The boys’ 200m dash for U13 athletes was won by Dimani Alleyne of St. Judes Primary in 27.34 ahead of Jazzair Best of Blackman and Gollop, 27.86
Alleyne completed the double by winning the 100m in 13.38.

Ri-Anne Maloney of Blackman and Gollop took the U13 girls’ 100m gold medal in 13.99.

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  1. Kevin even a blind man could have seen that the time was wrong that run was so slow it could never be 23 second trust me, we Jamaican know fast run when we see one and that wasn’t one ?

  2. All you have to do is check the time on the video when the gun goes of and when she crosses the line. Although video time might not be accurate, it won’t be off by more than a second. It’s evident that she didn’t run faster than 28 or 27s.

  3. Facts is Facts take out you phone and time the race for yourself and you will see that is an inaccurate time posted, i am wonder what is the reason for publishing such a thing.

  4. Anyone got the wind speed? This sounds like an age group record. Hope to see her representing Barbados at the Tokyo Olympics! She’s ready.

  5. She should have been much further from the rest of the field to make that time. Keep at it young star, your future is bright.

  6. Ran and watched track all my life. That is most definitely not a 5 second gap between first and second place. The video of the actual race is even more conclusive. The 23.13 winning time is definitely incorrect. 28.13 is more realistic.

  7. Kevin we have the video and you have a stopwatch on your phone. Go time the race. It’s not like she ran 24 she ran 28 point, 5 second slower than the official time

  8. I’m sure a Jamaicans alone a sey a rubbish…when we see or heard fast times coming out of Kingston we a sey a Trelawny yam, but Bridgetown can’t produce fast times.

    Jamaicans bias


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