Sachin Dennis to run for Bahrain
Sachin Dennis to run for Bahrain?

St Elizabeth Technical star sprinter Sachin Dennis is in the process of switching allegiance to represent the country of Bahrain.

According to, this is, however, against the wishes of one of his parents.

Dennis who won the Class 3 sprint double as well as the 100 meters twice in Class 2 at “Boys Champs” has not raced competitively since 2018.

That year his winning time of 10.20 seconds for the Class 2 boys 100 meters was faster than the 10.24 posted by Calabar’s Tyreke Wilson to win Class 1.

Dennis was also touted in 2017 as the fastest 15-year-old in the world.

Despite being one of the top Jamaican junior sprinters, Dennis has never represented Jamaica at any level.

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