Ristananna Tracey
Ristananna Tracey ran away with heat 2 of the women's 400mH in 54.56 ahead of Leah Nugent 54.90 and Sashel Brown 56.96 #JAMTrials

World Championships 400m hurdles bronze medallist Ristananna Tracey announced she has changed training group.

Tracey, under the guidance of Maurice Wilson at Sprintec, won the London 2017 World Championships 400m hurdles bronze medal.

However, after a below par 2018 season, Tracey announced via social media: “I am pleased to announce that I have joined the @hurdlemechanic (Hurdle Mechanic) training group, under the guidance of @boogiejohnson (Boogie Johnson).”

“I have welcomed the challenges of training with world-class athletes in continuing my track and field journey. The support thus far is amazing and I’m adopting well,” she wrote.

The hurdles mechanic group include Brianna McNeal and Delilah Muhammad, Olympic Games 100m hurdles and 400m hurdles champions.

“As I look forward, I’m very optimistic about the things I see ahead,” Tracey’s message ended.


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