Nathon Allen wins SEC Championships
Nathon Allen wins SEC Championships at 400m in 44.28, NCAA’s top outdoor time in 2018 and No. 4 time in the world outdoors this year

If all turn up healthy and ready, the NCAA Championships men 400m final, set for June 6-9 in Eugene, should be the most exciting race of them all.

Michael Norman, Nathon Allen, and Akeem Bloomfield seem to be hunting for 43 seconds. If all three run in the 43 seconds range, would this be the first time in NCAA Championships history?

Of course, there are others who might be coming to upset the favourites but I am looking on these three until someone else does something in the regionals to make me take notice. There are approximately three weeks away and I just cannot wait for the event to get started.

Well, this makes the 400m landscape one the most exciting event for the fans and the most challenging event for those pursuing it. These three young quarter-milers competing in the NCAA will be joining the ranks of a relatively young quarter-mile pool of 43 seconds athletes.

It’s a tantalizing thought for track & field fans and even more so for lovers of the 400m race. They say it is the most gruelling sprint event and seems to be heading towards the most exciting.

Also, fast times with strong competition is something no one can call boring. Who knows, with the exit of Usain Bolt, this might be the event that steals the heart of occasional fans in next Olympics and world championships.

The NCAA Championships is way more than the men 400m

The NCAA is filled with a history of upsets so athletes like Michael Cherry could be one. The NCAA Championships is way more than the men 400m with some amazing talents to go with an all-around weekend of exciting races and field events with many close finishes.

Nevertheless, the men 400m event is what caught my eyes the most. Until such time, I will fight my impatience and hope all turn up healthy, peaking and ready for this mouthwatering showdown.


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