Michelle Carter
Michelle Carter

NEW YORK, USA – Olympic winner in shot put Michelle Carter is taking things easy. “I just bought a house, I’m decorating,” the 32-year-old Texan said.

“I’m focusing on getting back into shape for 2018, leading into 2020 (the Olympics). I’m building up to that, taking my time. 2016-17, that was a long year and I’m using the downtime to rest, recover and get healthy.”

One goal stands out: winning the IAAF Continental Cup, to be held in Ostrava, Czech Republic in September 2018. “I was second (in 2014),” Carter said.

“So that’s something I want. But I’m not going to focus so much on distance in 2018; I’m going to focus on training, getting stronger, so I can let it rip in 2020.”


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