LONDON – Bahamian superstar Shanuae Miller-Uibo spoke about how she lost Tuesday’s 400m final here at the London 2017 IAAF World Championships.

Miller-Uibo, the favourite for the event, looked impressive coming home, but seemed to lose her balance. At one point it looked as if she suffered a hamstring injury.

However, Miller-Uibo said while the hamstring assumption would make sense, that wasn’t what happened.

“What happened was I had the race under control, everything felt fine there was no lactic anything, and then I took a look up at the big screen and lost my balance and kicked my foot into the track,” she explained.

She continued: “And by time I could catch myself the race was already done.”

“I live and I learn through it,” she said while adding “I dealt with it fine” and “
I am not afraid to lose.”

Miller-Uibo turns her attention to Friday night’s 200m final, which she said she is ready to win.


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