Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt Photo credit: © Philippe Fitte for IAAF & © Giancarlo Colombo for IAAF

Speaking to the French newspaper, L’Equipe and as confirmed to us by our track and field correspondent, EME News, superstar, Usain Bolt, reveals experiencing much pain in his arm after satisfying himself following a bet with some of his management team.

The scenario, which was captured in the recently launched movie, “I AM BOLT” was still in Rio the day following the August Olympics, and there was speculation as to how much the legend could throw in the Javelin. But what was the result?

The triple Olympic triple champion explained. “Yes, it was a gamble! With my team, we made a bet during the season. Some said I was able to throw a javelin more than 50 meters.

Others, on the contrary, like Ricky (agent, Ricky Simms) and NJ (manager, Nugent Walker), did not believe in it. So we organized a bet with Ricky, NJ and my masseuse. My masseuse bet on 60 meters. That’s what I bet on.

“In the end, I threw 54 meters, I think. So I won two bets and I lost one. It’s not bad performance.”

TTO’s Keshorn Walcott took gold in the event in the London Olympics while still a Junior with a throw of 84.50m.


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