Photo credit: © Philippe Fitte for IAAF & © Giancarlo Colombo for IAAF

NASSAU, Bahamas – Olympic 400 m champion Shaunae Miller is considering a 200/400m double at the 2017 World Championships in London, informs SPIKES.

“We’re definitely looking to do it next year. It’s something on the menu, so we’re working hard towards it and hopefully it’ll work out for the best,” she said.

Miller also said she might even aim to race the 800m next year as well.

Though doubling up will be a huge demand, Miller insists training for both distances will only work in her favour.

“I have both speed and strength that benefit towards the 400. You have a lot of sprint quartermilers and you have a lot of strength quartermilers, but I think I have a decent amount of both.

“The 200m is more of an event that helps me pick up my speed for the 400, so I know the quicker I get in the 200, the more it’ll benefit me in the 400.

“We’re not perfect yet. There’s still so many more things we’re working on; working on breathing, working on the finish, working on my start. So once we get those things in tact and perfect those things, I can only imagine the times we’re gonna put forward.”


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