There may be some changes made to the number of events in which athletes are able to participate come Champs 2017.

According to information reaching, discussions are ongoing to make into law, certain restrictions in the number of individual events they may contest.

Currently Classes 1 and 2 boys could do four events with a maximum of three individual events.
On the female side, all classes could do any four events.

However, while the Inter Secondary Schools Sports Association’s (ISSA) competition officer, George Forbes, could not confirm in its entirety, he did say that changes were made to the steeplechase and 400m hurdles.

The 400m hurdles will be widened to allow the participation of both classes 1 and 2 athletes, while the steeplechase open will allow only entries from classes 1 and 2 athletes.

These events were previously open to all classes but the Association has taken the decision to have them open only to the senior athletes at the Championships.

The Grace/ISSA Boys’ and Girls’ Championships is the highlight of the secondary school’s track and field season in Jamaica. The competition is set to run between March 28 and April 1, 2017.


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