We have come to the end of another Summer Camp. It was celebrated with an Awards Ceremony at the 138 Students Living complex, where the residential campers resided.

This year there were campers from Antigua, Canada, Finland, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, UK, and the USA, in addition to our Jamaicans. That provided a good exchange of cultures to add to the experience of our campers.

The activities this year emphasized the importance of preparing for competition not only by preparing the body but also the mind. There were several types of competitive sessions among the houses including the introduction of the new sport SWITCH.([email protected]).

Several parents were in attendance during the days which started at 6:00 am and ended sometimes after the scheduled time of 6:00 pm. Some were tired from just observing.

The campers got a chance to hobnob with Yohan Blake and some of the other Rio bound athletes. They asked Yohan several and varied questions which he answered to their liking. They were able to take photographs with him and got autographs.

The trips to Reggae Falls and Dunn’s River Falls provided needed cold water to soak the tired muscles. The campers had a good time and expressed this feeling often.

Awards Ceremony

The campers put on a great show at the ceremony.

The Guest Speaker, Mr. Dalton Myers, Director of sports at the UWI provided motivation and encouragement for the campers and he even taught them a new cheer.

Many non-athletic gifts and talents were revealed among the campers as they spoke, acted, choreographed, sang and planned for the ceremony. The parents and other visitors expressed their appreciation for the event. Parents got a chance to speak and evaluate the camp experience of their child in the slot provided for parent’s observation on the programme.

Special Awards were presented for Most Congenial (chosen by the campers), Most Punctual, Most Hardworking, Most Improved, Best Kept Journal, Most Helpful, Best Team Spirit and Best Overall Performance for boy and girl. The last was awarded to Brittney-Anne Wiggan and Nilrem Stewart, both from the UK. The winning house was Lions lead by team captain Madison Dunstan.

The Coaches and Counsellors played an integral part in making Summer Camp 2016 a place that every camper was happy to be at. Everyone left saying, “See you next year.” Many thanks to all those who contributed.


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