By Kino Cummings, writer

The recently held Racers Grand Prix and other international meets gave us a clear and interesting view of some of our athletes, their prospects of making the Jamaican team and walking hand in hand with that, the prospect of medalling in Rio. 

Now I don’t claim to be clairvoyant, or have any dealings with the other side. Thus, what I will predict in this article is a combination of my training, as a coach, insight gathered through keen observation and being a Track and Field enthusiast for my whole life.
Let me start with the Women 100 meters.  I predict that  at the JAAA senior trials,  the top 8 will be; Elaine Thompson, Veronica  Campbell- Brown, Shelly- Ann Fraser- Pryce, Christania Williams, Kerron Stewart, Simone Facey, Natasha Morrison, after the start she had on Saturday and finally, Remona Burchell. This is the order in which I expect them to finish.  

Now the debate will rage on as to why Shelly is relegated to 3rd in my prediction?  Simply put, she is injured. She will get her familiar fast start and will be in front at 30m, because she accelerates and will get to her top end speed faster than most. However, Elaine Thompson who is technically sound and in superb form, will catch and pass the injured Fraser-Pryce at about 50m, as Thompson’s top end doesn’t kick in until about 50-60m, based on my observation.
VCB,  who is  in supreme form this season, with a 10.83 clocking at the Star Athletics meet in Florida, on the same day as the Racers meet, will aim to prove that at 34, she is still queen. She will hit top gear at about  70 meters  and with Thompson dragging her along, it will come down to momentum, who holds their form the best and also who has the most Heart.
After all that has been said, I believe Shelly Ann will win Gold in Rio and another Jamaican will be in the bronze medal position. Who will it be?
In the Men’s 100 meters, there will be a clash of the titans in Kingston, Jamaica. However, I predict that the top 8 will be; Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake, Nickel Ashmeade, Kemar Bailey-Cole, Jason Livermore, who won the A race at the Racers Grand Prix and rounding off the top 8 will be the ever green Michael Frater and Oshane Bailey. 

Much like Saturday’s race, Usain Bolt will dominate the field at the Jamaica trials. The true race will be behind Bolt, as Blake, Powell and Ashmede will make a run of it. However I believe Powell has the most to prove and will finish second, as long as he holds his form and not be affected by Blake breathing down his neck for third.  Ashmeade, Bailey-Cole and Livermore should make the relay pool quite interesting. Of note is  Senoj-Jay Givans, a Jamaican attending college overseas, who based on current form  may stir things up a bit, if he comes to trials . His chances should not be taken lightly, after his 9.96PB, done at the recently concluded NCAA championships.
All things being equal, I predicting that the King Bolt will reign supreme in Rio and Yohan Blake will beat the aging Justin Gatlin into third.
Look out for more from my vision later this week, when I take a look at other prospective team members from JAAA trials and medal hopefuls, for Rio, 2016.


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