By Kimberly Allen, TrackAlerts.Com Writer 

Trinidad & Tobago were in high gear as they ran a season best to end the Pan Am Games in style at the YOK Stadium in Toronto.

Trinidad and Tobago, with 400m silver medallist Machel Cedenio, won the men’s 4x400m in 2:59.60 ahead of Cuban 2:59.84 and USA, third in 3:00.21. 

Team USA took the women's 4x400M relays in 3:25.68s. They were followed across the line by Jamaica in 3:27.27s. The Canadian women ran their season best of 3:27.74, which gave them third place. The Barbados team, however, got disqualified. 

Meanwhile, new Pan Am Games records were established in the 4x100s.

United States won in fine style the female's 4x100M in a time of 42.58s, demolishing the record of 42.62 held by Jamaica.

In second place was the Jamaican team with 42.68. Home team Canada collected the bronze medal in 43.00s. It was a sad end for the Cubans who unfortunately did not get to finish. 

The Canadian men have their home crowd a show as they too clocked a Pan Am Game record of 38.06s, demolishing the recently set record of 38.14s by the Antigua and Barbuda team in the semifinals.

In second was the Team USA with a time of 38.27s. Third went to the Brazilians in 38.68s.

Former Pan Am Games record holders, Antigua and Barbuda, were disqualified while Jamaica did not finish. 

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