By Anthony Foster, TrackAlerts.Com Writer 

Jamaica’s 4x100m female team has only beaten the USA once at the last six major championships.

Come next month in Beijing, for Jamaica to defend their world title, the coaches will have to take note of this column.

This blogger, on Facebook, two days ago listed Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Elaine Thompson, Sherone Simpson and Veronica Campbell-Brown, in this same order, as the best option to take Jamaica across the line in front.

Then, on twitter/facebook, I didn’t have enough space to give my reason, but here I can do so.

First thing first, Shelly is the fastest woman in the world. She is also considered as the world’s best starter and this is what Jamaica need for good start, especially with the waiting Allyson Felix on the second leg. Felix can be destructive on the backstretch.

Secondly, I pick Thompson for the second leg, because she is the only Jamaican now can stand up to Felix. And with a good start from Shelly and the hope they make the exchange at the beginning of the zone, Felix as dangerous as she is, would have no chance getting back to Thompson, a 10.84 sprinter and who by that time, should be down to 21.9 or faster in the 200m.

Thirdly, Thompson will hand over to Simpson and by this time, Jamaica will be unstoppable. Simpson, the third fastest Jamaican this season, should hold off anyone on that leg for USA.

Finally, I want Simpson and VCB, who is far off her best this season, on anchor to use up the entire exchange area, which could take Jamaica across the line in close or even beyond the world record of 40.82.

A Jamaica win would prove difficult with a different line-up.

Add your best line-up below this page.

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