Elaine Thompson-Herah at Jamaica trials 2022 -- Commonwealth Games
Elaine Thompson-Herah at Jamaica trials 2022

Elaine Thompson-Herah and Briana Williams gave their views after the women’s 100-meter final on Friday night at the Jamaica trials. There was a half-hour discrepancy between the scheduled and actual race time.

Even though the race obviously was successfully executed, the pre-race technical difficulties couldn’t help but partially influence the results.

Thompson-Herah maintains she is not complaining because of the outcome. “I’m disappointed in the entire situation,” she said. “Athletes put their bodies through a lot all the time and standing out there last night for over 25 minutes past the scheduled time was a huge risk.”

Although Thompson-Herah didn’t win, coming in third in 10.89 behind Shericka Jackson’s 10.77 seconds and Kemba Nelson’s 10.88 in the women’s 100 meters Friday at the Jamaican National Championships, she is still grateful to qualify for another team.

“I’m grateful for booking my spot for World Championships, also grateful that I didn’t pick up an injury after that long delay.”

Williams, who set a PB 10.94, still finished high enough to qualify for the relay pool.

“I will say this has been a good championships, three 10.9 performances, something I’ve never done lol, and a new personal best of 10.94. This is just the beginning of my journey, a lot of more time to grow and learn and so much to be thankful for,” said Williams.

“Happy to say I will be going to my first of many World Championships.”

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