Arkansas Invitational --- Ackera Nugent - Big 12 Championships at NCAA Indoor Championships
Ackera Nugent

Ackera Nugent, Andrenette Knight, and Lamara Distin were Jamaican medals winners on Saturday’s (12 June) final day of the NCAA Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

NCAA Outdoor Championships Results

Texas A&M’s Distin, formerly of Vere Technical and Hydel, was the best-placed Jamaican. She cleared a personal-best height of 1.90m for second place in women’s high jump.
Distin’s teammate Tyra Gittens, who is from Trinidad and Tobago, finished third with 1.87m. Rachel Glenn of South Carolina won the event with a jump of 1.93m, also a personal best.

Nugent’s bronze medal effort came in the women’s 100m hurdles. The NCAA 60m indoor champion ran12.84 seconds to finish behind University of Southern California (USC) senior Anna Cockrell (12.58) and University of Central Florida (UCF) freshman Rayniah Jones (12.82).

Knight, who ran for Vere Technical at Champs, was also a third-place finisher. She crossed the line in 55.81 in the event won by Cockrell, 54.68.

In the women’s 100m final, Kemba Nelson finished fourth in 10.90 (+2.2m/s wind). Cambrea Sturgis of North Carolina A&T won the event in 10.74 ahead of Twanisha Terry of USC, 10.79 and Tamara Clark of Alabama, 10.88.

Nugent, who ran 11.09 in the NCAA West Regionals, finished ninth in 11.37.

Kevona Davis, in the women’s 200m, finished eighth in 22.78. Sturgis, again was on fire, running 22.12 to beat Clark, 22.17 and Anavia Battle of Ohio State, 22.42.

Two Jamaicans, Charokee Young of Texas A&M, ran 51.13, and Stacey-Ann Williams of Texas, 51.34, finished fifth and sixth in the women’s 400m final. American teenage sensation Athing Mu of Texas A&M again stamped her class on the event, winning in a personal best, meet and collegiate record, 49.57.


  1. Congratulations for making us proud Ackera! A few weeks ago I was praising Baylor, and how they had handled Ackera Nugent. They had not overloaded her competitions indoors, and thus far then, outdoors.
    However my opinion has now totally changed.
    How can you take a 19 year old freshman and put her in one of the most difficult doubles in NCAA track and field, by entering her in the 100m hurdles, 100m and also the 4X100 relay.
    An hour rest between the relay and the hurdles in the semi-finals, is not bad. But to come back within 15 minutes in the semi-finals, and then 10 minutes in the final, running the 100m hurdles to then run a 100m race, is without a doubt insanity.
    You’re totally using different muscles hurdling, to then come back and run a flat-out sprint can gravely risk injuries.
    Coaches at Auburn should be chastised for making such a decision with this young lady.
    Her health is more important than scoring points for the school. You do not treat athletes like they are animals going to the slaughter house. You have to nurture and care for them, as if they were your own children. I have no association with Ackera, however if I did, I would definitely be having some serious conversations with the athletic department and coaches at Baylor University.
    I am hoping and praying that now she has finished her competitions, she is injury-free! Ackera could be one of our future star athletes if guided properly🙏🇯🇲🙏.

    • I totally agree how can they do that to the young lady that is without a doubt abuse of coaching power putting Nugent to should high risk of injuries she needs a manager that can protect her while in school there at Baylor because that was heartless but she finished injury free that God I would love to hear the excuse from the couch on his reasons for pushing the young lady that hard

    • The problem is that you are at the merch of University because you are on scholarship. However not all universities would have done what Baylor did. As far as we know she did not injury herself. Lets hope and pray that is so, and wish her the best for the future!


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