Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt

In 2018, track and field legend Usain Bolt, after retirement, tried to secure a football contract.

Reports at the time suggested the deal is worth $150,000 for the season — nowhere near the $3 million that Bolt’s management is said to have initially discussed. The club had dismissed the contract value as incorrect.

Bolt didn’t sign a contract, and now, almost two years later, spoke about the time spent with the Australian club.

“I think I didn’t get a fair chance,” Bolt said in an exclusive interview with Wide World of Sports.

In one of his games, Bolt scored two goals for Central Coast Mariners to beat Macarthur South West 4-0 in a preseason friendly.

Bolt didn’t give a direct answer to if he regretted his stint with the club.

“The fact that it didn’t work out I do think about it, but as I said, it’s one of those things you’ve got to move past.”

Bolt said, despite several people asking if he wants to go back into football, he is now spending time with his daughter.

He said, “after the time period has passed, I’m like you know what, I’m getting old, let’s just retire, and I now have my daughter, so she keeps me busy.”

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  1. Noo what it was, was that bolt thought what was offered wasn’t enough for him.
    He should of just taken up the offer and build up from there.
    He got to big for his boots.. Because you have a 9.58 100m PB.
    Doesn’t mean you’ll Grace the football field with just speed alone. That counts for rugby as well.
    There is so so much more to it when it comes to football.
    Speed alone won’t get you anywhere. He was good.. He just needed more tweaking.
    He should of started with the Mariners and learnt the sport properly

  2. Just because you scored a few goals does not mean you have the proper skills to play at a particular level. In seeing how he handled the ball, he looked like he was a high school baller on the field with pros. He needed more development. Now he probably has the potential with more training to be great but that comes years down the road. Look at Leon Bailey or Raheim Stirling, they eat drink sleep football from they were kids, that was their main sport, Bolt was track but played football at scrimage level all the time. Big difference. It takes years of training to get to any type of pro level. Same thing would happen if Bailey switched to track. He probably has the ability but you would see it after 2 to 3 years of track training.

  3. It seemed to be about the money at the time. He definitely was a drawcard and worked well as a team player but his management could not come to a resolution over his player fee in a league where no one gets multimillion dollar packages, not even marquee imported players from Europe. I thought he might play for the love of it, since he was already wealthy, and take the sort of salary other players got, but that did not happen.

  4. You are no balla, stick to track, what’s the highest level of schoolboy football you played, try and make Jamaica Premier League team and I bet you couldn’t.


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