Allyson Felix
Allyson Felix

American track and field legend Allyson Felix warmed up for next weekend’s high-profiled Millrose Games by topping the women’s 60m Saturday’s (1 Feb) Power Five Invitational in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Felix, one of the greatest track and field stars globally, won the short sprint in 7.35s. She beat Brooke Raglin of Louisville, 7.39 and Anna Keefer of North Carolina, 7.45s.

Felix, who ran 7.45 in Friday’s heats, will face Jamaican Briana Williams, who ran 7.25 indoor and 7.15 outdoor, two weekends ago.

Qhiyal Towns of North Carolina took the men’s 60m in 6.74 ahead of Lester Miller of Mississippi State, 6.83.

Great Britain’s Cindy Ofili edged Tiffany Porter in the women’s 60m hurdles, 8.19 (8.181) to 8.19 (8.188) respectively.

Porter, after the race, wrote on social media, “another season-best today, and I’m grateful for the progress.”

Job Mayhue took the men’s 60m hurdles in 8.00 ahead of his Michigan teammate Roland Amarteifio, 8.02.

Ohiyahl Towns of North Carolina won the men’s 60m in 6.74 ahead of Lester Miller of Mississippi State, 6.83s.

Chloe Foster won the women’s 400m in 54.23 while Briana Evans of Mississippi State took the men’s event in 48.66

Jade Harrison of Michigan topped the women’s 200m in 24.26 while Terryon Conwell of Mississippi was the men’s 200m winner in 21.24.

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  1. Be careful you all Allyson may just run the 100 and 200 meters and win same thing Flo Joe did went from 400 meters to 100 and 200. Don’t underestimate folks just wait and see…

  2. Allyson is using the 60m just for training. Her speed comes on later for anyone who knows their athlete. All Briana who fans… she can’t even beat Shelly. So put your claws back in and enjoy how a veteran will congratulate all the competitors without the venom the media and haters.

  3. These Jamaicans always talking about Brianna, doesn’t that little girl have a dope scandal already?…Nobody speaks about how 16byr old Tamari David of Florida obliterated Brianna in the 200 meters last yr & Brianna barely beat her in the 100..

  4. Briana cant beat Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Her own country women. So forget about Felix who is all-time great in her own. Briana has not even scratch the surface and still got country trials to get thru to be great and have a chance to have her name even mention with the greats around still at it.

  5. Lol A true Allyson Felix fan. Sick of venues using her name as click bait. Sick of the media using her name as if she had a vendetta against other up coming athletes. Sick of people in general using her age as if she should retire. Let me be clear. On any given day if you understand track , it is not about your fastest time . That’s only for rank and possible lane assignment. On competition day it’s about place. Allyson never disappoints. She has GOD’s grace. He molded her and threw that mold away. Understand this God shows off with Allyson. She is the best of the best created in Gods image. 2020 Felix is in the house!


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