Telecommunications firm FLOW continued on its quest to deliver the “best Champs ever” with the second staging of its “Journey to Champs” series at the Hydel Group of Schools in St. Catherine.

 Stephen Miller, Sponsorship Manager at FLOW lead a team of representatives from FLOW accompanied by dancehall artiste Chi Ching Ching and an energetic group of dancers to “hype up” the fast rising athletics force (Hydel) ahead of this year’s staging of the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Championships set for the National Stadium from March 14-19.

Miller in addressing the school body said “we at FLOW feel like an integral part of the excellence being displayed by Hydel in athletics. This is our third year celebrating the school’s ‘Champs’ effort and we are happy to be able to make a contribution in this way.”

“Athletics remains a key pillar in our strategy to connect with the community and we will be going all out with a raft of special initiatives and incentives for both the schools and the wider community as we celebrate the highly anticipated season” Mr. Miller continued.

Vice-president of the Hydel Group of Schools and head coach of the track and field team Cory Bennett believes that Flow's Journey to Champs campaign and the $200,000 presented to the school, will help his team to achieve set targets at the ISSA Boys and Girls Championships.

"We are a young school," Mr. Bennett said as he watched his charges enjoy the entertainment provided by Flow and partner Grace Kennedy limited. "We don't have old boys and old girls supporting us so any assistance we can get from Corporate Jamaica and particularly Flow is highly appreciated."

Hydel were second in Girls Champs last year and he plans to maintain if not surpass that lofty position. "We trying to maintain competitiveness. We are trying to lift our standard year by year. Hopefully we can achieve a top three or top five position.
We have some points targets that we set out to achieve and so far we have achieved them.” he highlighted.


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