LAUSANNE – Allyson Felix, who is running in Lausanne the 200m on Thursday, said the Beijing World Championships 2015 schedule does not allow the double.

"The last two months I didn’t run faster. As I’m training for 200m and 400m, I can’t get better every
time and my objective is to build up for the World Championship in Beijing," she said.

"To move from 200m to 400m is a question of balance: 400m requires more preparation and 200 is more painful. Personally I prefer moving from 400m to 200m, because 200 m is shorter and remains my favourite discipline," added the Olympic 200m champion.

"I will decide after Lausanne if I run the two disciplines in Beijing. I would love to do it but the schedule doesn’t allow it. I hope it will be possible at the Olympic Games."

She also hopes that the time-table at Olympic Games will allow the 200-400 m double. In Rio on day 4 200 m heats are staged at 9.30 pm and 400 m final at 10.45 pm. 


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