Jamaica’s team to the Pan Am Games set for Toronto, Canada (July 10-26) has been cut by eight athletes.

Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA), in a release disclosed the athletes were cut, but failed to say which eight (8) athletes.

 According to the JOA, “the maximum number of male and female competitors in athletics is 680” for all countries, combined.

“In the event that entries surpass that (quantity) the technical delegate has the authority to limit entries in some events, by using the performances criteria or by imposing team quota limits,” the release continued.

“As a consequence of the above, all the forty one (41) countries, including Jamaica, had their complement of track and field athletes reduced as APA applied its new qualification marks established in February 2015 for the respective events. Accordingly, some eight of our athletes were excluded as their performance did not meet the new qualification marks,” the release said.

The JOA release did not speak to the additional 31 athletics competitors that were added following widespread confusion, and fierce debate, after over 900 athletes thought they had qualified despite only 680 places being available.

Jamaica’s team named earlier this month.

Male: – Tyquendo Tracey, Sheldon Mitchell, Tyler Mason, Dwight Thomas, Rasheed Dwyer, Ricardo Chambers, Jonia McDonald, Roxroy Cato, Leford Green, Ricardo Cunningham, Jo-Wayne Hibbert, Fedrick Dacres, Jason Morgan, Clayton Brown, Damar Forbes, Raymond Brown, Odayne Richards, Damon McLean, Jonathan Reid, Bernardo Brady, Dexter Lee, Kimmari Roach, Dane Hyatt, Riker Hylton, Javere Bell.

Female: – Schillone Calvert, Sherone Simpson, Kimberly Laing, Monique Morgan, Simone Facey, Kerron Stewart, Samantha Henry-Robinson, Chrisann Gordon, Anastasia Le-Roy, Samantha Elliott, Ristananna Tracey, Kimarra McDonald, Tara-Sue Barnett, Danniel Thomas, Natalie Grant, Daina Levy, Kay-Marie Jones, Saniel Atkinson-Grier, Kimberly Williamson, Chanice Porter, Devene Brown, Shanieka Thomas, Verone Chambers, Jonique Day and Bobby-Gaye Wilkins.


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