American sprinter Ryan Bailey will be in Kingston on Saturday for the Jamaica Invitational Meet.

Jamaica’s National Stadium in Kingston is the home of Usain Bolt, the undisputed king of track and field.

However, the question on everyone’s lips, how will Bolt's hometown welcome Bailey, who made fun of the sprint kind during last weekend’s World Relays in Bahamas. Bailey anchored USA home to victory in the men's 4x100m relay ahead of Bolt's Jamaica team.

According to Warren Weir, Jamaica’s World and Olympic 200m medallist, Bailey disrespected and field and Usain Bolt after mocking Bolt’s “To Di World” pose with a throat-slash gesture (video link here).

Several track and field fans took to TrackAlerts.Com facebook page after news came that Bailey will be at the Jamaica Invitational Met.

Donnie Vincent said: "i want too see what kind off welcome jamicans will give Bailey after his disrespect to Usain Bolt

Agree Morris said: “Waste man Ryan Bailey a run a yard interesting.”

Karen Christie-Simpson: ? “Bailey diss the legend Nd coming to his home town.. Welcome Bailey!

Michael Clayton: Ryan bailey need to humble himself. No need for the excitement n the antics that he was going on with. Kmdt!! Relay is a team work so am not disappointed by not winning.

Chris H Clarke: Mi sorry fi Bailey when him come      

Deon Joy Barrett: Bailey ..why u don't tek a page out of Wallace spearman book n humble u dope ass self 

Vybz Carlinton: Unnu leave Ryan Bailey alone we need some Jamaicans like him. He don't fear Bolt like all the Jamaicans. We fear him so much that no matter how slow he running he still the fastest Jamaican.

Joyeth Bent: Treat him with respect, nevertheless

Adrian Armstrong: ? Why he need to humble himself? Cos he American? LOL      

Rowe Curtain: He is coming?!? Kmt

Cortez A Williams:? I seriously think Ryan Bailey should reconsider competing in Jamaica barring and apology for his immature behavior after the 4×1 @ relay worlds…for his own safety. ….I'm just saying.      

Latoya Sweetie Queenie: He will withdrawn because him no so brave.

Khalifa Prince: Ryan Bailey …fi easy him lil bird brain..Asafa..ago tek it

Joyeth Bent: There is no need to hate on Bolt, he had uses his God given talent so he doesn't have to get food stamp

Renard Frederick: This gonna be fun

Danielle Asphall: Guys. Please. No. Joke ting dis. Ryan Bailey seriously? 


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