By Anthony Foster, TrackAlerts.Com Writer

Ever wondered what happened to Calabar High’s team captain of 2014?

Well, if you are still wondering, Romario McKenzie is creating waves at Central State University in the USA.

In what is just short of a full season so far, McKenzie have had these accomplishments:

– Male Conference Indoor & Outdoor Track Athlete of the Year.

– Central State University Male Track Athlete Of The Year.

– College Of Business Deans List Award Recipient

-Central State University 2015 Academic Honoree

Adding to those, McKenzie on the track,  has set a new indoor 60m Conference championship record (6.88); Outdoor 200m Conference Record and championship record (21.16 with +1.2m/s wind).

He also won the 200m indoors title in 21.90 and has run 47.69 at 400m outdoors.

“All these accomplishments just have me eager for more but at the same (time) I have to remain patient & trust the journey & know the hard work will pay off,” he told TrackAlerts.Com.

Romario, the younger brother of former Calabar standout, Ramone McKenzie, added “I've been putting the work in day in day out and I've seen the results.”

He continued, “In regards to (the) student aspect of the college life it's been going well, and I have to credit Calabar for installing proper time management skills to us student athletes, More So the VP there Mr. Calvin Rowe because college is a different ball game and it's paying off well."


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